8 Unforgettable Outdoor Music Experiences for Your Next Event

8 Unforgettable Outdoor Music Experiences for Your Next Event

There’s something about live music in the open air that just hits different. From the soulful tunes to the energetic beats, outdoor events add a whole new dimension to the music experience. So, get ready to groove with these eight outdoor music events: 1. Lance and Lea: When Lance Kotara and LeAnna Kaufman, better known as Lance and Lea, hit the stage, they bring the essence of Texas with them. Their bluesy guitar and captivating … Continued

Two Deep Breaths: Harmonizing Music, Yoga, and Meditation for Relaxation & Wellness

Welcome to Two Deep Breaths: Harmonizing Music, Yoga, and Meditation for Relaxation & Wellness, where tranquility and rejuvenation await. Led by musician and yoga instructor Shanice Green, this unique program seamlessly blends live music, gentle yoga, meditation, and affirmations into a transformative experience of holistic wellness. Join us as we explore the fusion of yoga, meditation, and live music, each element crafted to nourish the body, calm the mind, and uplift the spirit, offering a … Continued

3 Reasons to Consider an Alcohol Awareness Program for Your High School Students

We’ve been in the business of entertaining and engaging crowds for over 3 decades. With experience working with colleges, schools, and companies, we’ve gained experience and an understanding of what types of events work best for different groups and sizes. Today on the blog we wanted to focus on high school students and an important cause, Alcohol Awareness. Alcohol awareness is something that can be extremely beneficial for students in high school, as the majority … Continued

6 Innovative Employee Engagement Ideas for an Unforgettable Corporate Event

Hello and welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog from Neon Entertainment! Here on the blog, we like to make the lives of the activities directors, event organizers and more easier by laying out some engaging activities to make your next corporate event unforgettable. Tailoring a unique event, complete with all the components, can feel like a lot. Boost your employee engagement with the brightest agency. Neon makes it easy, just find what sounds best … Continued

14 Unique Ideas to Elevate Your Spring Fest

Spring is in the air, and what better way to celebrate the season of renewal and growth than with a vibrant Spring Fest? Whether you’re organizing a campus event, community gathering, or corporate function, incorporating engaging activities can make your fest unforgettable. Fortunately, Neon Entertainment offers an array of exciting programs perfect for Spring Festivities. Here are 14 great ideas to consider: 1. Games of Tag: Kick off your Spring Fest with a burst of … Continued

The Diverse Gaming Universe of Hero Zone VR

In the ever-evolving world of virtual reality gaming, Hero Zone VR stands out as a beacon of excitement and adventure, offering a wide array of immersive experiences that cater to every type of gamer. With a diverse selection of games ranging from heart-pounding action to family-friendly fun, Hero Zone VR invites players to embark on thrilling virtual adventures unlike any other. Let’s take a closer look at the exciting lineup of games waiting to be … Continued