DIY Game Shows

DIY Game Shows


Our DIY Game Show uses state-of-the-art entertainment technology in a budget friendly package. All you need is a computer or laptop. Set up a big screen or TV in one room and/or encourage people from many different locations to tune into the fun. A few days before the event we’ll send you a link for the game that you can stream to your TV or Screen and if you have people playing remotely you will email them the link and they can play from any location.

On the day of the event, Participants will scan the QR code on the screen with their cell phones. Their phones will be their game controller. A countdown clock will run 30 minutes leading up to your chosen start time. Once the countdown clock hits zero, the game runs all on its own! Just sit back and watch the fun. Participants will see the trivia questions appear one by one on the big screen and on their phones. They’ll have fifteen seconds to answer each multiple-choice trivia question from their phone before time expires. The answer to each question will then be shown on the screen before the game automatically moves on to the next question.

Scores are tallied automatically at the end of the game, and participants will see the leaderboard on the screen to find out who wins. Use the leaderboard to hand out your prizes. The game includes four rounds, but can include more or less depending on your needs. 

Choose from a number of our great game show themes. or ask about a custom theme!  Book more than one throughout the year and receive an added discount. Perfect for college events, corporate events, special events and more!  Last Minute bookings?  We can set up the game show within a few hours.

Game Shows

“I logged on to check out the Going Viral Game Show tonight and was totally hooked! I ended up staying on the entire time. The show was so well done and so much fun! Thanks for helping us get people involved in this weird virtual time.”

— Hannah, Edinboro University


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