4 Types of College Speakers Neon Can Bring To Your Campus

4 Types of College Speakers Neon Can Bring To Your Campus

When thinking about bringing a speaker to your college, a million things are going through your head. Where do I start? What do I do? Who do I call? If you’ve been assigned a particular subject, you’ve got a head start. But what if you don’t? Neon Entertainment provides several different types of speakers available, of various styles, that can be booked out and brought to you. Don’t worry, we’ve got it all. Here are a few types of speakers that you can book with us, by just giving us a call.

Alcohol Awareness Speakers

If you’ve ever been on barstool sports, seen the movie Old School, or talked to someone who went to college, everyone knows the partying that goes on. Many times, kids go to college looking forward to the freedom and are so green, they don’t understand the magnitude of what can happen when not acting responsibly. We offer several alcohol awareness programs that can help educate young students on the dangers associated with alcohol. Knowing that kids don’t want to be preached at, these series’ are interactive, open and fun for students, in order to deliver the message without it feeling like an AA meeting. Check out Hypnotic Intoxication, Trashed with Wendi Fox, or Maximize Your Buzz for some more information.

Sexual Assault Awareness

This is something that no one WANTS to talk about, but every college student NEEDS to know about. Sexual assault is unfortunately very prevalent in the college atmosphere, and comes in many different forms. Though it affects men and women, it’s reported that 1 in 5 women experience sexual assault in some form during their college career. Every Two Minutes is a program that sheds light on a very dark situation, by bringing forth survivors that could help prevent future victims, and help normalize current victims. Sextegrity is another program that talks about the mixed messages about sex, and uses humor and compassion to help bring awareness.

College Life Skills Speakers

College students are doomed to learn many life lessons in their experience. Why not help speed up the process and perhaps prevent a few mistakes by providing them with some solid life skills. The Reason You’re Here is one program that takes a very comedic spin and helps bring the student body together. uMeet takes a similar approach, and creates a thrilling experience that brings students together and can help form real, longtime relationships. Who wouldn’t want a little help finding those? Personally, I can remember many of the people I met at college, and are life long friends.

Freshman Orientation Speakers

This is probably a little vague, because any of the other types could be associated as orientation speakers. The fact of the matter is, freshman are freshman, and they don’t know much going into college. You can utilize this time to educate them on things on this list, but we do offer several speaking series that can cover many bases. The 3D College Experience, College Survival Secrets, and Zero Shades of Gray are all great programs you can book through Neon that can help provide orientation advice.

The bottom line is, finding a college speaker isn’t too hard, now that you’ve found Neon Entertainment. No one wants a boring old person coming and preaching to them, no matter what they’re talking about. We have an awesome lineup of potential speaking series that will help entertain your group, and make it feel like more of an experience than a “speaker.” For anyone who’s in charge of looking for speakers for college events, get them in touch with Neon Entertainment A$AP!


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