Fill Up Your Fall Event with Fun- 3 Popular Inflatables You Can Bring to Your Campus with Neon

Fill Up Your Fall Event with Fun- 3 Popular Inflatables You Can Bring to Your Campus with Neon

Hello and welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog here at Neon Entertainment! Neon is the home for the best in college entertainment. Here on the blog, we like to give you some good ideas for your fun college events to ensure your campus has a slate of engaging activities throughout the semester. With orientation on the horizon, getting some entertainment options set is vital to ensuring your new students feel welcomed and excited for the upcoming semester. So today, we’re going to talk about our incredible inflatables! 

Our novelty inflatables have so many options! We have almost anything you can think of, from Rapid Fire to the Velcro Wall to our Climbing Walls and so many more in between. 

Rapid Fire – Energetic, Interactive Fun for Everyone! 

Want to bring a high-energy interactive competition to your campus to spark some camaraderie between your new students instantly? Give Rapid Fire a try! Rapid Fire sees teams of two with 5 balls in each lane competing against each other to pass their balls through the holes in the netting. When time is called, the team with the least amount of balls in their section wins! 

Notes: Dimensions of Rapid Fire is 32x11x11. 4 players at a time (2 per team, 2 teams). ~80 participants per hour. 15A circuit required.

Velcro Wall – Be an Action Movie or Comic Book Hero! 

Pretend you’re the friendly neighborhood spider person with the Velcro Wall! Run, jump, and stick yourself to the wall. Wearing our fully furnished Velcro Suits, you’ll stick to the wall like a gecko, and you’ll have a fantastic story to tell at the end. Re-enact some action movie sequences, or pretend you’ve been thrown back by a force push and hit the wall!

Notes: Dimensions of the Velcro Wall are 22x12x13. 1 Participant at a time. ~30 participants per hour. 15A circuit required. 

Climbing Wall – Reach the Pinnacle of Inflatable Fun! 

Here at Neon Entertainment, we have a wide variety of climbing walls to choose from! Pretend you’re Link in Breath of the Wild and need to climb a mountain to get to some point of interest. Or if you just enjoy climbing for the fun and workout! Our inflatable rock climbing wall features sturdy grips and the larger one allows for multiple climbers simultaneously. Safety harnesses included. Try something new and give our inflatable climbing wall a try! 

Get in Touch!

Do you have any questions regarding our inflatables to be a staple of your next outdoor school event? We’d be glad to answer your questions about these or our other inflatables. Don’t forget to check up on our blog for more event ideas for college students throughout the year, especially now that it’s the outdoor season! You can also follow the fun on our social media, like our Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram

Reach out today to book any of these three novelty inflatables or our other offerings. You can call us at 800-993-NEON or email us at info@neon-entertainment.com for more information. If you’re ready to book, please reach out! Let’s make your next event extra special together.


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