5 Reasons Why to Have a Game Show at Your Next Event

5 Reasons Why to Have a Game Show at Your Next Event

Are you looking for something that will really garner some excitement for group event? Sure you could try and drum up some last second fun and games, but what if you want something truly unique? Neon Entertainment offers all kinds of fun and exciting game shows that can get everyone involved, and make sure everyone has a great time! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have everyone go on the set of a popular game show? What if we told you we could bring the game show directly to your school or company? To help you see why you should look into bringing a game show, here are 5 reasons why…

Variety to Choose From

Have you ever seen The Price is Right, Family Feud, or The Newlywed Game?  These are some of the most popular game shows on TV today, not to mention the funniest. Get the chance to have your very own game show at your next event with the abundance of games that Neon Entertainment has to offer. Take a look at the list of Game Shows and book one for your next event today. We have a game show that will fit your event perfectly!


Every game show that we offer is completely customizable to your event’s needs. We pride ourselves in making your event the best it can be, and being able to customize your own game show is the perfect way to do that. Our Game Shows allow for maximum audience participation along with the opportunity of the “Do It Yourself” game show. This is delivered right to your campus or office and is based on the great game shows like Family Feud and The Price is Right, up to the most current show like Minute to Win It. These games are a great team building not to mention ice-breaking event.  Bring some fun to your event that will be sure to entertain your crowd.

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Cash & Prizes 

All of our game shows come equipped with a minimum of $200 in cash and prizes, and the chance to win even more. Whether it is with a team game or one on one, you’ll have a blast making your way through questions and activities to reach the finish line. With our plethora of game shows to choose from, you have the chance to not only win cash, but prizes as well. Battle it out for that Starbucks gift card you just need to have and don’t forget to add some more fun and take a look at our package deals.

Comedic Hosts 

Why choose to have a game show at your next event? I’ll tell you why, because of the comedic hosts! This is going to be a giggling, knee slapping, and side hurting kind of show. Our comedians have years of experience and will definitely make it a once in a lifetime experience. These hosts make any college or company event even better. So pull up a chair even if you don’t want to participate in the game, you’ll still be in for a great show.

The Most Fun You’ll Have 

Our plethora of game show options gives you the perfect opportunity to choose the ideal show that will make your event one to remember. Your audience will have a blast answering questions and racing to complete activates to become victorious to receive cash and prizes. Let Neon Entertainment bring the fun to your next college, corporate, or team-building event with our abundance of game shows. With our comedic hosts you’re not only getting a game show but a comedy show all in one. Book today and have a blast at your next event!

Where else can you get a custom game show, with a fun comedic host that’s guaranteed to make your event one to remember? Who’s going to be the big winner and take home the cash? Everyone is sure to be a winner when you choose to book a game show with Neon Entertainment. For more information on how to get started, just give us a call or send us a message with our contact form!


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