Is that a full band? No, It’s A Cappella from Neon

Is that a full band? No, It’s A Cappella from Neon

Welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog! As the school year winds down, it’s time to get some ideas formulated for the next semester. You’ve booked singers and comedians, bands and hypnotists before, but have you heard our A Cappella Groups?

Our performers have years of experience creating beautiful music with just their voices. Here are two of our best a cappella groups you should consider for your campus next semester. No instruments, no accompaniment, just vocal talent.

A Cappella Group Musae

Musae is the premier female vocal group of the US scene, with performances getting people moving around the world. Their upbeat, electro-pop sound is bolstered by alumni from “The Sing-Off”, “Sing It On”, “Pitch Perfect 2”, ICCA Champions and more. Musae has headlined prominent music festivals here in the States and Internationally, entertaining, educating and inspiring people all over.

A Cappella Group The House Jacks

a cappella group the house jacks

When you hear a screaming guitar, booming bass, and the thunder of drums you immediately assume there’s a rock band behind the music. When you learn it’s nothing more than 5 people making vocal music, it blows you away. The House Jacks deliver everything from fast-paced, screaming rock anthems all the way to ballads to tug on your heartstrings. This group has performed all over the USA and have made appearances in parts of Europe and Asia.

The House Jacks have made numerous appearances with people of prominence, such as James Brown, Ray Charles, LL Cool J, the Neville Brothers, Run-DMC, former president Bill Clinton and so many more. The original Jacks met each other while singing a cappella at their colleges across the East Coast, before moving to San Francisco to form The House Jacks in 1991.

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