Pop Up Comedy Events: Turning Any Location into a Comedy Club

Pop Up Comedy Events: Turning Any Location into a Comedy Club

Imagine walking into a normally quiet campus union, meeting room, or cozy coffee shop, only to find it turned into a lively comedy club. That’s the magic of Pop Up Comedy Events! Neon Entertainment takes any location and brings in top-notch comedians to give you a night full of laughs. Our team handles sound and lighting so you get a seamless, professional show. Let’s dive into how these events work and meet some of the … Continued

3 Reasons Why Students Love Our Post-Prom Party Events

With our experience and expertise in bringing entertainment to you, we know that providing high school students with post-prom party options is a great way to ensure that everyone gets home safe at the end of the night. Welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog! Here on the Neon Entertainment blog, we like to make sure that event organizers, parent-teacher committees and everyone involved in the process has the information they need so that your … Continued

Unforgettable Glow Event Experiences: Light Up Your Next Event

Are you ready to transform your next college or corporate event into an unforgettable experience? Look no further than Glow Events, your premier provider of unique and thrilling glow-in-the-dark activities. We specialize in creating vibrant, immersive experiences that will leave your students and guests engaged and thoroughly entertained. Our extensive array of glow-in-the-dark activities includes everything from blacklight mini golf to glow foam dance parties, each designed to captivate and excite. Imagine your students or … Continued

Popular Fall Event Programs to Book Now!

As fall arrives, campuses come alive with excitement, offering a plethora of popular fall event programs that bring color and energy to the season. From the orientation to the spooky fun of Halloween, there’s something for everyone. Neon Entertainment has some fantastic programs to make your fall gatherings even better. Let’s check out how these events can bring some extra fun to your autumn get-togethers! 1. Orientation: Pop Up Game Show Imagine you’re a new … Continued

5 Reasons to Choose Neon for Your Business Awards Dinner

Welcome to The Hot Mic Blog by Neon Entertainment, your partner for transforming business awards dinners into unforgettable experiences. With our extensive expertise in corporate events, we understand the significance of a well-executed entertainment lineup that complements your event’s theme and goals. Professional entertainment isn’t just about filling the silence; it’s about creating lasting memories and delivering impactful messages that resonate with your attendees. Planning a business awards dinner can be a daunting task, but … Continued

Summer Fun With Neon: Summer Orientation and Summer Camp Ideas

Summer’s just around the corner, and it’s time to turn up the heat with Neon Entertainment’s Summer Orientation and Summer Camp programs! From Silent Disco to Roller Rink, Mentalists to Caricatures and Make and Takes, and Inflatables to Axe Throwing, there’s no shortage of excitement in store. Let’s dive into the ultimate guide to Summer Fun with Neon! 1. Silent Disco Get ready to groove like never before at Neon’s DIY Silent Disco! With our … Continued

Asian American and Pacific Islander Artists to Celebrate!

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month started as a way to spotlight the amazing contributions of these communities in the US. It all began with Congress and advocacy groups wanting to celebrate the history and achievements of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. They picked May because it marks some big moments, like the arrival of the first Japanese immigrants in 1843 and the completion of the transcontinental railroad, largely built by Chinese immigrants, in … Continued