3 Neon Entertainers Who Podcast and Where to Find Them

3 Neon Entertainers Who Podcast and Where to Find Them

Welp, this isn’t exactly the semester any of us were expecting! Together we can make it through! As we enter this unknown territory, we wanted to take a minute to offer up a few fun audio escapes from a few of our best comedians. We’re all fans of podcasts over here, with Theo Von, Chris D’elia and many more inspiring laughs through the hard time we’re all going through. Here are a few Neon Entertainers who you can listen to during these home-body daze….

Michael Blaustein – Stiff Socks

If you haven’t checked out Michael Blaustein yet, you’re missing out! He’s an outstanding young comedian and his off the cuff nature really comes on strong when you watch his podcast “Stiff Socks.” There’s something different about watching a stand up comedian in their somewhat more natural habitat. People act more real when they’re on their own podcast, and Blaustein is REAL funny on his.. Check it Out… 

Blake Wexler – The Blake Album / Todd Glass Show

Like Michael Blaustein, you may have heard a little of Blake Wexler on our NEON SPOTLIGHT podcast series, but if you haven’t heard him you’ve got to check out his Orange Julius bit on YouTube. Blake released a live comedy album which you can find on Itunes, and you can also hear more of his hilarity on the Todd Glass Show. 

Kristen Becker – Loosen the Bible Belt

Kristen Becker is an LGBT comedian and activist, and you can see why so many people around the country connect with her within seconds of listening to her comedy. You can hear her team up with Pastor Jay Bakker to talk about bringing people together being frank, having tough discussions, comedy and ultimately a message of love and acceptance. You can find Loosen the Bible Belt on Apple Podcasts and find more of Kristen on YouTube!

As we start looking forward at a new future, we can band together and unite remotely, just as these comedians do. We wish the best to everyone effected by the virus, and hope these entertainers and their podcasts may offer up a nice warm escape from this distant world. Stay tuned for more fun things you can do while we’re all working and studying from home! You can see more entertainers on our YouTube channel!


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