In Unison | A cappella Group HIVE | Neon Spotlight #11

In Unison | A cappella Group HIVE | Neon Spotlight #11

A cappella music gained popularity after Pitch Perfect took the world by storm in 2012. Six years later, there is a resurgence of interest in a cappella music. The covers are catchy and the talent needed to pull off these kinds of concerts is tremendous. Neon Entertainment has an amazing a cappella group on our roster for your next campus event. Meet the lovely ladies of HIVE, in our Neon Spotlight.

The ladies of HIVE are well aware of how unique this group really is. They have are increasingly popular, releasing original songs with their a cappella style. They have emotional, raw lyrics that are relatable enough to caption your next instagram photo. These ladies are on a mission to give back to the community through teaching and spreading their passion throughout the music community.

HIVE is made up for 5 very diverse and unique women, from all over the country. HIVE is composed of Christina Wilson, Courtney Jensen, Lisa Forkish, Moorea Dickason, and Nina Kasuya. These women get together every few month for “vocal retreats” where they collab on music, and train together. During their time apart, the women connect via the internet. Their tight harmonies and amazing vocals can be attributed to pure talent and a tight connect with the other group members.

Each woman brings her own unique sound to the group. Lisa can take claim to all the shocklingly low notes. Moorea is the go-to soloist. Nina brings soulful vibes to their hits. Christina is the star soprano. Courtney is the self-taught beatboxer, who’s skills came right off of Youtube. This collaboration of styles and voices make HIVE a group that gets stuck in your head. They also have amazing project ideas, like making the writing of William Shakespeare into a song.

Giving back to the community is a huge core value of this group. By teaching and educating others, HIVE can share the gift of music, and bring people together from all walks of life, and all parts of the country.

Listen to our full interview with HIVE to learn more about these lovely ladies and what they’re up to now! Or, vist HIVE’s page to learn more.

If you are interested in b ringing HIVE or any other NEON artist to your campus, call Neon Entertainment today! We have package deals that will fit any school’s budget.


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