Trending Up | John Gurney

Trending Up | John Gurney

John Gurney is one of the hottest artists on Neon Entertainment’s talented roster of musicians you can book for your next campus event. His career as a musician and entertainer is definitely on the rise. He’s made some buzz lately with his regular appearances on E!’s new hit show ‘Very Cavallari’We asked John what he loved about being on a reality TV show and he said “The opportunity to share the experience with a cast made up of my girlfriend and some of my closest friends has probably been the coolest part.”

The show’s airing coincided with the release of John’s music, and he said “watching the crossover of fans of the show becoming fans of my music has been exciting to see.” As John continues to gain recognition and take his music career to new heights, now is the perfect time to talk to a music booking agency to bring this rising star right to your campus.

John went on to say “My whole life I have been a fan of stepping outside of comfort zones. I feel like that is the only time drastic growth and change happen. This experience has certainly been that and more! Bring on season 2!”

Learn a little more about John and his music career:


If you’ve seen him on TV you might have asked yourself, who exactly is John Gurney?  It turns out he’s an accomplished young musician apart from his notoriety as a personality on TV.  John grew up in Chicago, and went to school at the University of Missouri. Here he earned a degree in business and hospitality.  After graduating he took his talents and love of music to Nashville to spark his music career.



Since his big move, John has made some noise on the Nashville music scene.  Although not yet a household name to country music fans, he has worked on collaborations with other notable musicians. He has earned some individual accolades as well.  He took first place last year at the 2017 NSAI song contest for his song ‘Fairytale Dress’ featured below.


Additionally, he has been trending recently thanks to the release of his hit single ‘Home with her’ this past July.


If you want to feature a young up-and-coming musician at your next college campus event then Neon Entertainment is the music booking agency for you.  John’s unique style of acoustic pop and country mix is sure to be a hit for a variety of audiences. If you’re looking for campus event ideas that will draw a crowd, talk to the music booking agents at Neon Entertainment today by call or text: 716-836-6366.  Get John Gurney scheduled for your next big campus event!


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