3 Top Comedians for Unforgettable College Events

3 Top Comedians for Unforgettable College Events

Hello and welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog here at Neon Entertainment! Here on the blog, we like to make sure all your events for college students are spectacular and engaging, year-round. To that end, we thought it was high time to spotlight some of our incredibly talented comedians available to book! So why not get your orientation or other events set with one of our talented comedians? Check out these three:

3 Comedians Available For Your Next Engaging & Fun College Event

Comedian Ahmed Al-kadri

Ahmed Al-kadri is a Yemeni-American comedian, actor and writer based in LA. Ahmed was working as an accountant, but his hilarious comedic style and passion for telling jokes and stories sent him on the path of comedy. His relatable and hilarious material comes from finding himself in many situations, upbringing, and some plain old fun! 

Ahmed began his comedic journey in 2016, taking improv classes at Dallas Comedy House, and has since performed in numerous unique and hilarious improvs, sketches and comedy shows. Not to mention, his acting and writing credits on IMDb! He used to be a regular at the Dallas Comedy House with his improv troupe Sunglow, being local favorites in Texas and traveling the country together. With Ahmed’s dominance in Dallas, he knew he had to move to LA to take his comedy journey to the next level – and it’s been a smashing success! 

Ahmed is a bit of a star on Instagram and TikTok, and if you haven’t seen his “Roommates with Anxiety”, “Arab Roommate” (which is a great complimentary series to Ryan Kelly’s “When You Have a Midwest Roomate”) “F-Boi rehab”, or “Arab at an Indian Wedding”, you’re missing out! You may also have seen him on your TV screens in Fox’s Love Connection or a “Honey” commercial on Hulu.

Comedian Alingon Mitra

comedian alingon mitra

Alingon started his path to comedy by performing in front of other comedians on stage in Massachusetts, crafting and refining his act to memory. According to an interview with PPR, that commitment helped ease his anxieties and aided in his rise to comedy stardom. 

Alingon Mitra is an incredibly talented comic, who was one of 100 to be invited to NBC’s Last Comic Standing remake, and won the show’s Comic Comeback contest. His stage presence and jokes had him win the fan favorite vote 5 straight weeks and performed in the finale. 

You might have heard a few of his jokes and styles without realizing it, as Alingon had spent time writing for The Daily Show and Adam Ruins Everything (in addition to the Harvard Lampoon)! Before landing those though, you have very likely seen him on various late shows with Craig Ferguson, Steve Colbert, and Conan O’Brian! Besides late-night shows, Alingon also appeared on Adam Devine’s House Party on Comedy Central. 

Alingon is also a bit of a star on social media, with “the TikTok comic” finding his online audiences on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts

Comedian Kristen Becker

college comedian kristen becker

Kristen Becker is a multifaceted, Buffalo-born and Louisianna-raised comedian/performer/producer/activist. This comedy veteran and activist extraordinaire has opened for Ani DiFranco, written for The Advocate, and served as the first general manager for the Helium Comedy Club. These commendations earned her the title of “Buffalo’s Queen of Comedy” by the Buffalo News’ entertainment section. 

Becker is a creative instigator, dedicated to making people of disadvantaged backgrounds, especially LGBTQIA+, feel seen and understood. She wants to bridge the divide between religious groups and LGBTQIA communities, and in 2015 began the Loosen the Bible Belt variety tour with pastor Jay Bakker.

The next year saw Kristen founding the Summer of Sass, a nonprofit dedicated to getting LGBTQI young adults out from damaging extremist climates to a vastly more accepting Provincetown, Mass. Vice and the Boston Globe both commended her efforts for changing and/or saving these lives.

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