Top 5 Questions You Should Ask When Booking A Virtual Event

Top 5 Questions You Should Ask When Booking A Virtual Event

Booking a virtual event is simple and we are here to make it as easy as sharing a link! Not sure where to start when looking at virtual programs? Here are five questions you should be asking before booking a Virtual Event.

1) Is the event available during my desired date and time?

This first question is really the same whether it’s virtual or live. Be prepared to ask your agent if the event is available on a particular date and time. The great thing about virtual events, performers can do multiple events in the same day, so timing is important. Don’t have a date and time yet? No worries! Your Neon Agent is here to help you fit programs into your schedule.

2)What platform will the event be hosted on?

There are now several platforms for hosting a virtual show. Ask your agent which platform the show will be hosted on. Understanding the platform will allow you to know how your audience is going to view the show and allow you to make sure your institution allows programs to be hosted on that virtual platform. 

3)Can the show be customized?

Ask if the show can be customized to your campus’s or event’s needs. Themes and Topics are great ways to draw an audience and allow you to put a special spin on your institution’s event. 

4)Are there any limitations to the number of participants in an event?

Ask if there are any limitations to the number of participants you can have in a virtual event. You want to make sure your virtual event can handle the number of participants you expect to have. All of Neon Entertainment’s programs can be scaled to the size of the event you are having. If you are expecting a large number of guests, talk to your Neon Agent about the best way to incorporate a large audience.

5) Does the agency have any marketing materials that you can use to promote the event?

Promoting the event is the last step and most important step in the booking process. Ask the agency for any marketing materials that you can use for the event. Make sure to use every digital marketing platform to reach your audience. Email and social media marketing have proven effective results for many virtual campus events.  

Bonus Question:

If you are looking to book multiple virtual events. Don’t forget to ask about package deals. Discounts can help stretch your budget and give your students additional programs or have money to add on door prizes or other enticements to your audience. 

Obviously, there are a lot more questions to ask your agent. Be sure to ask as many as you need when booking a virtual event. 

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