Honor Our LGBT Elders Day This Month!

Honor Our LGBT Elders Day This Month!

You may or may not have known, but May 16th is National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day. The day commemorates and celebrates the historical figures that have helped gain rights, freedom, and respect for the LGBT community. The last few years have been a whirlwind of change on many cultural fronts for Americans, and the LGBT community has grown and blossomed from that change. Neon Entertainment has a wide assortment of entertainers of all types of human, but in honor of the holiday we wanted to touch on a few that are advocates for LGBT awareness.

LGBT Poets

Many of our poets and spoken word artists provide powerful messages about the world we live in today, in a way only they could. We also feature two artists in particular, who put a mesmerizing spin on words while talking about personal challenges and successes of being LGBT in today’s world. Lacey Roop, our dread-locked wordsmith was just selected to showcase 3 different NACA conferences this year. She is one of our most popular poets, and her message really delivers.

Another Slam Poetry all star we can provide is Ebo Barton. Ebo’s artistic grace helps use language and art as a tool of revolution. Hailing from Seattle, Ebo’s been featured in several major publications. Either Lacey or Ebo can be available to come right to your campus!

LGBT Comedians

One of the best ways to bring awareness is to laugh. Neon Entertainment has some of the top LGBT comedians in the country! Renee Santos made a name for herself 6 years ago on Showtime’s “Pride Comedy Jam,” and now travels the country talking about growing up as an LGBT comedian. If you’ve ever seen Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO, you might be excited for the reboot, which you’ll find Julie Goldman. Julie’s been on two different shows on Bravo, and provides a great laugh.

Daniel Webb got international attention for cracking gay jokes with President Obama, and Kristen Becker has an Improv show that you’ll never forget. With Neon Entertainment, there’s no shortage of LGBT comedians, that we can bring right to your campus!

Help recognize the elders that have shaped the LGBT community by using the #HonorOurLGBTEldersDay on Wednesday, March 16th. As always, if you need a performer for your next diversity and inclusion event, remember just call Neon Entertainment!!


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