Laughter is the Prescription for Happiness

Laughter is the Prescription for Happiness

It is said that laughter is, and will always be, the best medicine.  Researchers have even found that students who use humor as a coping mechanism have a higher chance of being in a more positive mindset. In times like we have been experiencing in 2020, finding a coping mechanism is very important for mental health and even physical health.

Having a good sense of humor could be considered the prescription of happiness. Being able to laugh may be the answer to many problems or at least a step in the right direction. Now, laughter itself is not going to cure all your problems, but it allows you to accept things a lot easier and raises optimism. When you experience a good laugh you are opening your mind to see things in a different light. Your mind can perceive things more positively.

Not only does laughter help your mind, but it is also said to help your immune system. Because this has been a stressful year for everyone many people are actually more susceptible to sickness. But laughter can help boost our immune systems as it also relieves stress. Laughter can also reduce muscle tension and even relieve physical pain.  You can read more here for more insight on how beneficial laughter is to our overall well-being. 

So, now it’s time to allow your sense of humor to help you in ways you never imagined.  Let our Neon Entertainment agents assist you in booking a comedian or Open Mic night with one of our artists as your personal Emcee to provide your students with a great opportunity to let loose and laugh.  Or, try our newest program, Mindfully Funny with comedian Corey Rodrigues.  Mindfully Funny is a 3-6 week course meeting once or twice a week offering students a fun look into their own minds and the mind of a professional stand up comedian. At the end of course participants will have a grad show where they’ll perform a 5 min set of jokes/ material that they’ve created. Remember it’s impossible to be angry while you’re laughing which is why tapping into your own funny is not only fun, it’s good for you!

Our featured comics offer some of the funniest acts in the college market and many of them are known worldwide. Don’t wait any longer, book a comedian today and let your students experience why laughter is the best remedy.

T Murph

Hulu’s newest series,“WOKE” is available for streaming today (September 9, 2020) featuring Neon’s own T Murph alongside New Girls’ Lamorne Morris, Workaholics‘ Blake Anderson & Saturday Night Live’s Sasheer Zamata.  In addition to his acting career, T Murph has been creating quite the name for himself on comedy platforms such as Kevin Hart Presents The Next Level on Comedy Central and BET’s Comic View. He has performed at the Stand Up NBC Diversity Finals Showcase, HBO’s American Black Film Festival, New York Comedy Festival, & Montreal’s Just For Laughs.  T Murph is sure to make you laugh and take your mind off the stressful things in life.  

Mickey Housley

Mickey Housley is quite an accomplished individual. Not only is he a great stand-up comedian he is also a successful author known for his book, “Chronicles of a Stand-up Guy: A Peek Into the Daily Grind of a Comedian”. Ask your Neon agent about booking T Murph and Mickey Housley’s cooperative show and be one of the first to experience their acts together.

Michael Dean Ester

Michael Dean Ester is a two time NACA nominated “comedian of the year” performer. He is a funny man with a serious mission. Booking a comedian for a school orientation or leadership program is a great way to help students engage and gain knowledge to further their personal and professional careers.  Michael has been at every Penn State “Welcome Weekend” since 1999 setting new students up with a positive and humorous welcome to their new school. 

Derrick Knopsnyder

Derrick started out his comedy career in his freshman year of college. At the age of 19, he became one of the fastest rising acts in Pittsburgh. With over ten years of experience now, now he has a new Social, Social Distancing with Derrick Knopsnyder’s comedy panel. A virtual experience to help you cope with the 2020 struggle we all have experienced this year.  

In years to come, many of us will be talking about the year 2020 and the common struggles most of us had to deal with. But, something else that you will recount about the year is how you learned to deal with the pandemic in your own way. We hope that you will reminisce about how having a sense of humor was able to help you cope with the tough times, and that one of our comedians helped make 2020 a year in which you learned to laugh through difficult times. 


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