Michael Dean Ester | The Reason You’re Here: The Orientation Guide Book

Michael Dean Ester | The Reason You’re Here: The Orientation Guide Book


By Kelsey Pyse

College, a great place to explore, find yourself, and decide what you want to do with the rest of your life? Unfortunately not many students make it back for their sophomore year for varying reasons. You could change that with the funniest college orientation presenter in the market. Don’t bore incoming freshmen with information they aren’t going to listen to. Bring this hysterical presentation to your college orientation with the comedian on a mission to help students live their dreams, Michael Dean Ester.

Allow for incoming freshman to find out why they’re really there with the best speaker to have at your student orientation! Michael Dean Ester brings a funny twist on the new way of thinking when it comes to your college orientation. He doesn’t just lecture the students on why they should be there; he helps students arrive at the true meaning of success, and demonstrates why a college education can help them define their success in their individual lives with a funny twist. Using his comedy background and own life experiences, he guides his audience to determine their own skills and interest and uses that as a base for a fulfilling career. He reminds students that people who are passionate about their work never work a day in their lives!

Two time Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities National (APCA) conference showcase, nominated APCA “Performer of the Year” and National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) “Comedian of the Year” along with Multi-Year “Readers Choice”, “Hot Comics!” and nominated “Best Male Performer!” according to Cam pus Activities Magazine, Michael Dean Ester is the perfect lineup for your college orientation. He found his dream career in college standup comedy, after his show, what will you find? The most requested comedian for school orientation, and the most booked recurring comedian at Penn State University’s orientation since 1999. Michael has nearly 2,000 campus comedy events in 48 states.

This can’t stop laughing presentation is a must have for students embarking into the world of a college education. Having Michael Dean Ester comedic presentation for your freshman orientation makes it America’s only important comedy show. Encountering thousands of students who have no idea why they’re in college, Michael describes college as being a pathway to a rewarding career and challenges the audience to use their imaginations as well as their brains. He gives students a new way of looking at what college is, by describing it as more than a time for learning, but a time to dream big, discover yourself, and build foundations. Unlike any other comedy event on the market, this one just might be the most important hour students will spend in college. The audience will finally realize the reason they went to college… themselves. Book Michael Dean Ester for your schools freshman days and student orientation and give them the chance to discover why they’re really there. Don’t take our word for it; see what schools have said about Michael Dean Ester themselves.


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