Get Ready For Orientation With These 3 Great Programs!

Get Ready For Orientation With These 3 Great Programs!

Welcome back to The Hot Mic Bog! We know we’re in the dead of summer, but orientation week comes closer every day. Whether you’re reading this now or when you’re in the middle of orientation, having programming available is essential for your incoming student body.

With that out of the way, let’s get into three of our excellent and engaging programming options for orientation.

3 Orientation Event Programs to Elevate Your Week

1. Orientation Speakers

Here at Neon Entertainment, we have a whole host of available options for having speakers come to get your students set for the semester. Our orientation speakers are educational and engaging! Check out our orientation speaker page to get a full list of our roster and programs they bring!

2. Game Shows!

Here at Neon, we know game shows. This timeless, classic slice of Americana is available to bring to your campus! Choose from our wide array of shows and themes, available live in-person or livestreamed to your location. ALL of our game shows include a minimum $200 in CASH & PRIZES! Need a show fast and/or at a more affordable rate? We are also the ONLY provider of custom, DIY Game Shows. Our DIY Game Show Program is perfect for last-minute events or for events on a tighter budget.

3. Drop Ship / DIY Make and Take Events

Perfect for a great activity to get your students engaged on a budget, or if you want to put the event on yourself, our DIY Make and Take events are perfect for you! Book one of our Drop Ship novelties today! Simply order the materials from our drop ship store and have them shipped to your campus, fulfilling that Do-it-Yourself itch. This unique way of event organization puts the power in your hands for your students to create their own personalized items they’ll love taking home!

Contact Us!

Any questions about our orientation programs?  We’d be glad to answer your questions about any of these or our other programs to make your orientation a smash hit!  Don’t forget to check back with our blog for more fun and engaging event ideas for college students throughout the year!  You can also follow the fun on our social media, like our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat!

Reach out today to book any of these or our other events and programs.  Call us today at 800-993-NEON or by emailing us at info@nean-entertainment.com for more information.  Let’s make your next event extra special, together!


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