Alcohol Awareness Program | 5 Reasons to Book ‘Maximize Your Buzz’

Alcohol Awareness Program | 5 Reasons to Book ‘Maximize Your Buzz’


By Kelsey Pyse

Drinking alcohol and college life are something that unfortunately seem to fall hand in hand. Neon Entertainment offers alcohol awareness programs for colleges and universities around the country to help educate incoming and current students on the dangers of alcohol. Here are 5 reasons to think about booking Maximize Your Buzz for your school.

It happens.

Alcohol awareness is something that every single person on campus should know about, not just the students. Drinking and binge drinking at parties is the number one participant in dangerous activities. Last year there were 599,000 injured, 696,000 assaulted, 150,000 health problems/ suicides, 197,000 unsafe sex/ sexual assault acts, 3,360,000 drunk driving, and 1,825 deaths form alcohol consumption on college campuses alone. These statistics are serious and the numbers keep rising. Not only should students know the signs of alcohol consumption but also the teachers and staff. By having people be informed of the signs of alcohol, they will be able to take inactivate and help if there is a problem. This program is perfect for your college campus.

There’s No Avoiding It Completely.

When someone thinks of college, what do they think about? Maybe books, finals, projects, but when you ask a student what do they say? It’s more like partying, friends, and drinking. Some students think that going to college is all about having a good time, and eventually going to class. Alcohol is everywhere you look while at school. From experience, some people will even bring it into classes. You see people with alcohol more in dorms along with fraternities and sororities. Students, especially freshmen think they are so sly and can keep it form their RA’s and house leaders. Heads up, they all know! College is way more than drinking and parting. You don’t need to drink to have fun and to have a “good time”. They think alcohol is the best, yet they don’t have any idea about the consequences it has.

Why It Happens.

Binge drinking is a wide spread epidemic on college campuses, especially with under age drinkers. Did you know that about four out of five college students drink alcohol and that about half of college students who drink, also consume alcohol through binge drinking. There are many reasons why students drink, however some of the top reasons are loneliness, to escape from their problems, to fit in while in social situations, and to gain confidence. Understanding that college is filled with pressure and stress, that isn’t why people drink. They believe that it’s a right or a passage into college. This is why they need to be taught. Incoming freshmen that just want to make friends and have fun are very susceptible to peer pressure while in a drinking situation. You see this a lot in fraternities and sororities. This is why there have been limitations on the Greek systems pledge week. A lot of their inductions included alcohol consumption that left the pledges in not so great shape. College parties are always happening on campuses and are a great way to meet people; nevertheless the drinking is what puts students into some dangerous situations.

There Are Serious Consequences.

The consequences of not being informed about alcohol awareness are endless. Not only could the people who are drinking get hurt, but an innocent bystander. Informing students, especially incoming freshmen of the risks and giving them the measures they can take to prevent anything tragic from happening will help them not just in college, but also through out life. Don’t let the students ruin their lives because they weren’t informed.

You Can Be Part of The Solution.

The Maximize Your Buzz is the perfect program to have for your freshman orientation. A speaker with years of experience not only provides statistics and information that every student and faculty member needs, they also use games and interactive situations to really get this important information into the students heads. This program will not only be packed with helpful information for first year students but will be entertaining as well.

If you are in charge of planning an orientation or other event for your college, scheduling an alcohol awareness program is paramount. You can be part of the solution to a danger that affects millions of college students around the country. For more information on scheduling an alcohol awareness event for your university, just give us a call!


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