“AXE-ING” AROUND.. 5 Reasons You Should Have Already Booked Axe Throwing

“AXE-ING” AROUND.. 5 Reasons You Should Have Already Booked Axe Throwing

Whatsup everybody and welcome back to the blog! We drop in here regularly to remind programming planners and student activity directors that their event planning search can always start and end with Neon Entertainment! We provide entertainment, experiences and events for college campuses all over the country, and today we have something really exciting to feature…


If you haven’t been axe-throwing yet, you’re in for a treat. If you have, you already know why this event is going to be one of the hottest college programming bookings of 2022 and beyond.

Here are 5 reasons to book axe-throwing ASAP!

It’s Going to Book Quick.

Like all of our programming events, Axe throwing is typically booked pretty far in advance. The earlier you can get your inquiry in on receiving a quote, the sooner you can count on booking your event. Axe throwing is something we’ve been hoping to add to our programs for a while because we knew the demand would be high! We currently have enough for the upcoming fall to cover as many events as possible, but don’t wait if you’re thinking about booking for the fall! You can get a quote here!

It Gets the People Going

There’s just something archaic and exciting about chucking an axe. You may have experienced axe throwing at an event before, but if not you’re in for a treat. You will learn how to throw, and everyone in attendance will enjoy the competition and craft of axe throwing. The ability to shuffle in as many or as few students as you can allow for a good event for many, or just a few. We do have options for how many targets you want to bring to your school!

It’s Safe (despite what it sounds like)

Worryworts can take a deep breath as everything that comes included with axe throwing is provided with all the proper safety included. The heavy-duty metal cages and floor protection help to avoid any accidents and our certified staff will be on-site to ensure all safety procedures are followed. With the ability to host up to 1,500 students for axe throwing, it’s important to keep everyone SAFE!

It’s Easy to Book!

Not everything is so simple… We have a lot of different programming options for colleges, but we’re so excited about adding axe-throwing to our options because it really is so easy for the student event planner. All you simply need to do is let us know how many people you need to entertain, and we will provide everything you need. We will ship the equipment to you along with trained staff to help manage the event.

It’s Something New and Fresh

Okay, so it’s not exactly NEW, as the feeling of chucking an axe will have you feeling like Jon Snow or a Viking of some sort, but it is FRESH in the world of college events. This is something we’re truly excited about offering to our longtime clients, and we hope that college event planners are just as pumped to be able to book! If you’re looking for something different this fall, just let us know how many people you need to entertain, and when, and we can get you a quote on axe throwing in a matter of minutes!

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