Bubble Soccer | The Inflatable Way to Blow off Some Steam

Bubble Soccer | The Inflatable Way to Blow off Some Steam

150910-F-QS677-023You won’t find many group activities that involve high octane collisions involving your fellow students or coworkers that could be deemed as “safe.” Who wouldn’t want to participate in a friendly yet competitive game with Tom from HR or your Suzy your sorority sister? Bubble soccer is an awesome way to have fun, build chemistry, and blow off some steam. Bubble Soccer pairs well with Welcome Week, Greek Week, Office Picnics, Family Weekend and more! 

It’s a Team Sport

The best part about Bubble soccer is that it gets everyone involved. If you’ve never tried one of these “body-bubbles” on, you’re in for a one of a kind experience. You can have as many players on the field as you want. The more the merrier! It’s a great way to entertain students that are just getting back to campus in the fall. No matter what skill set you are athletically, you’re going to have a blast.

Size Matters, Unless You Get Low

The best part about bubble soccer is the ability to collide full speed with someone without getting hurt. You might think that someone who is big and strong will destroy everyone on the field effortlessly. Wrong. Getting low is the trick. Even the smallest person on the field can knock over a bigger person by getting low.

Keep Your Eye on the … Opponents

Typically you’d always try to keep your eye on the ball, but not in bubble soccer. Keep your head on a swivel and always know where your opponents are around you. You can’t win the game without scoring any goals, but if you don’t watch out for opponents, you’re setting yourself up to get blindsided and knocked over. When you’re running to get the ball, brace for impact because they have the same intention you do! 

Always Land on the Bubble

You’re wrapped in inflatable cushion, remember that. You’re also playing soccer though, so falling can be a little foreign while being wrapped in inflatable cushion. The bubble doesn’t cover your legs, so you might end up trying to brace yourself with your legs when you get hit. The straps inside the bubble enable you to flip over and roll, which is encouraged, and awesome! Just go with the flow of your momentum and try and land on the bubble to avoid banging your knees on the ground.

Get Kickin!

Neon Entertainment can bring bubble soccer directly to you for your next college event or corporate office party. It is a great time for everyone involved, and an awesome way to build memories that will last. All you need is space for a field, and enough players who want to get bumped around. You can play indoor or outdoor! For more information on booking inflatable rentals, just give us a call and we can get the process started!


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