Celebrate World Music Day With Neon Entertainment

Celebrate World Music Day With Neon Entertainment

Have you ever heard of or celebrated World Music Day before?  This year’s event is set to take place all over the globe on June 21st, the summer solstice.  The idea originated in France and was meant to spread the love of music by getting people actively involved in both sharing and listening.  Amateur and professional musicians alike are encouraged to simply play music in public. Whether that means performing in the streets or at free concert venues the goal is always the same; to get people excited about music.

At Neon Entertainment, we want to help you bring this same level of excitement and camaraderie right to your campus as well.  As a college music booking agency we have a wide variety of options available for you. Check out four of our amazing music themed event ideas for college that will bring the magic of World Music Day right to your school.

Music Packaged Deals

Live concerts are always a big hit for college events.  For that reason we offer a package deal where you can book several of our touring musicians at the same for a discounted price.  We playfully refer to this as our coffee house package deal.  You get to select your musicians, pick the dates, choose how to promote the event and then watch the students enjoy.

Live Unplugged Karaoke

World Music Day is all about getting everyone involved with music.  What better way to do that than with live band karaoke! Students will take turns coming up on stage to sing their favorite songs supported by a team of live musicians.  This event brings a more authentic concert feel compared to traditional karaoke and has become one of our more popular musical events.

Electric Life Tour

If you’re looking for a less traditional college music event, this might be something for you to consider.  The Electric Life music tour is one of the most unique music acts for college around. The high energy atmosphere is perfectly suited for college events.  Students get to enjoy the music while being dazzled by the exciting light show and other theatrics on stage. This is a great way to bring students the party mood they’re after in both a safe and fun way.

Silent Disco

The DIY Silent Disco Dance Party is one of the hottest new trends circulating in college entertainment.  The simplicity of this event makes it easy to understand why it’s such a fun event idea for college students.  Everyone gets their own pair of headphones and they get flip back forth between stations to decide what music to party to.  You and your friends can get on the same station and you can have your own exclusive party in the midst of the event!

If you’re looking for event ideas for college, why not celebrate world music day with some music acts for college campuses.  All of these events and musicians are highly sought after so don’t wait ‘til the last minute! Give us a call and talk to one of our music agents before it’s too late!


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