Laser Tag Rental | Why You Should Book for Your College

Laser Tag Rental | Why You Should Book for Your College


Looking for the perfect event that’s interactive, team building and fun for all ages? Neon Entertainment’s Laser Tag program is a triple threat. Perfect for either outdoor or indoors,  Laser Tag gets both students and staff involved, and can be adapted to fit your next themed event, corporate party or welcome week. Imagine your location transformed into an action packed LASER TAG arena, complete with gear, lighting, music and obstacles. Neon Entertainment provides the realistic, one of a kind experience on your turf without you having to travel to a location.

What makes Neon’s Laser Tag unique? The gear contains red dot scopes on every laser gun, realistic weight, look and feel with multiple sound effects and ranges up to 300 yards. The equipment allows you to play team games and scenario games and has the ability to keep score. There also is no limit to the unique games you can play!

For The Ultimate Gamer

Two “hardcore” game examples are Domination and Team Death Match. Domination is a team game where each team attempts to control the domination box we setup in the playing field.  The winner is the team that controls it longest.  Players are given limited ammunition and limited lives (usually 3) but are also given the ability to reload ammunition and ‘re-spawn’ to enter the game after they are eliminated. This makes for a very action packed game as participants are working to eliminate the other team, make their way to the domination point but are also frequently returning to their re-spawning ‘corner’ to get back into the game. Not to mention, Domination is the most popular game!

Team Death Match is also a team game.  The goal is to completely eliminate the other team.  Players are given a lot of amo and the ability to reload when they run out and are given many lives (usually between 10 and 15).  Once they lose all of their lives, they exit the game.  The game continues until one team is completely eliminated.  This game is increasingly popular for college events.  The safety briefing is shorter allowing more games to be played during the event.

The ‘Just For Fun’ Player

Neon Entertainment’s laser tag is great for a group of friends or strangers leaving ultimate memories made! You’ll laugh from the moment you get your gear and pose for an Instagram photo, to finding out which one of your friends is secretly great as laser tag! This program is easy to learn and doesn’t have to always be taken seriously!

Implement Laser Tag In a New Way

For a fun twist, plan for your students to play your staff or even an organization vs. another organization on campus. Chesapeake College hosted laser tag on campus for their annual ‘President’s Cup’ when their faculty and staff team went against their student team in laser tag!

The event was a success and they’re excited to bring the game of tag back to campus! Maybe your students have trained together with a brad new executive board for the fall semester. Ask them to meet at the Laser Tag event to get everyone together again for a fun round! These are just two examples Neon Entertainment’s Laser Tag can cater to your event vision.

Zombie Tag

What’s better than Laser Tag? Zombie Laser Tag! The Zombie apocalypse is now and you and your friends must defend yourself. Check out this unique attraction utilizing high-tech laser tag equipment. To play Zombie tag, players form teams of up to 4 players. Each team gets to defend a shack from repeated Zombie attacks. Your goal is to shoot the Zombies. Once the Zombies break in, the timer stops. The team that survives the longest wins. Do you think you have what it takes? Zombie Tag is great for any time of the year but adds a fun themed event around Halloween! Check out Zombie Tag and Inquire today. 

Booking Laser Tag allows for flexibility, fun and a great time! Are you up for the challenge? Contact a Neon Entertainment today to start planning your next Laser Tag event, or head over to the page to fill out a contact form for some more information on booking!


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