Top Three Reasons Why to Book a Game Show Package

Top Three Reasons Why to Book a Game Show Package

Interested in booking a Game Show? Choose two or three Game Show programs to book over a one or two semester period and receive extra prize money per game show! Whether you’re hearing about Game Show programs for the first time or you’ve stopped by the Neon Booth at a conference and played a game, here are the top three reasons why booking the Game Show package is an awesome idea!


Neon Entertainment has more than 15 different game shows to choose from and each one is unique and different! If you’re looking for a trivia based game, check out Total Team Trivia, Pop Culture Clash or Trivia Night. Maybe you’re looking for a game filled with hilarious challenges? 60 Seconds or Bust will have you laughing whether you’re in the audience or a contestant! Game Shows like The College Game Show and The Roommate Game are fun for orientation and if you can name that song, try Connect the Chorus or What’s The Lyric! Not only does Neon have a variety of games, Neon also has a variety of comedic hosts which helps availability and creates a professional and extra hilarious event! Book the game show package by choosing two or three different games that are perfect for your campus!

More Money More Fun

When you book the Game Show package deal, you receive more prize money per show! Book two game shows and receive an extra $100 per show in prize money or book three game shows and receive an extra $150 in prize money per show. That could be a total of $350 in prizes during each game show! Everyone loves more money!

Consistent Programming

Scheduling a program numerous times a year creates awareness, resulting in a better turn out. Sometimes marketing for programs can be challenging but marketing a similar event throughout the semester or year consistently, helps! Call your game show events something unique like “Winning Wednesdays” and hold a game show during the first Wednesday of every month. Advertise the additional prize money with a hash tag or Monopoly money. By doing this, you can also advertise for the next game show at the current game show. Before you know it you’ll have friends telling friends to come out to the next game show and marking their calendars.

Between a variety of games to choose from, the more games you book, the more money you receive for prizes and adding a consistent way of programming to your year of events, it’s a guarantee that your event calendar will be a fun one to remember! Interested in hearing more about Neon Entertainment’s Game Show packages and options? Inquire here!


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