Popular Fall Event Programs to Book Now!

Popular Fall Event Programs to Book Now!

As fall arrives, campuses come alive with excitement, offering a plethora of popular fall event programs that bring color and energy to the season. From the orientation to the spooky fun of Halloween, there’s something for everyone. Neon Entertainment has some fantastic programs to make your fall gatherings even better. Let’s check out how these events can bring some extra fun to your autumn get-togethers!

1. Orientation: Pop Up Game Show
Imagine you’re a new student, feeling a mix of nerves and excitement about college life. Enter the Pop Up Game Show! It’s a burst of fun that surprises you wherever you are on campus, bringing laughter and team spirit. With quirky challenges and brain-teasing trivia, this show is all about breaking the ice and making new friends.

2. Orientation: Magicians and Mentalists
Get ready to be amazed and mystified during orientation with Neon Entertainment’s Magicians and Mentalists! Experience the wonder of mind-bending illusions and jaw-dropping tricks that will leave you questioning reality. Whether it’s making objects disappear or predicting your thoughts, these performers will kick off your college journey with a touch of magic. Don’t miss out on this enchanting experience that’s sure to spark excitement and curiosity among new students. Find even more orientation programs at 10 Awesome Programs to Make Your Orientation Event Unforgettable!

3. Parents Weekend and Homecoming: Paint Social
Parents Weekend and Homecoming are times for alumni, students, and families to come together and celebrate. Let’s add some artistic flair to the vibe with one of our most popular fall event programs, Paint Social! Led by a professional paint instructor, this event is all about getting creative and bonding over a splash of color. Whether you’re painting in person or joining via livestream, it’s a blast that’ll leave you with a masterpiece and memories to cherish.

4. Parents Weekend and Homecoming: Make and Takes
Parents Weekend and Homecoming are perfect opportunities to get creative with Neon Entertainment’s Make and Takes! Join in on the fun as you craft personalized keepsakes and DIY projects to cherish for years to come. From custom photo frames to handcrafted jewelry, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Bring your family and friends together for a memorable crafting experience that will add a personal touch to your homecoming celebrations. Check out more awesome programs for family weekend at 8 Great Family Weekend Programs!

3. Constitution Day: Constitution Day Game Show
History buffs, listen up! Constitution Day is your chance to brush up on your knowledge of Uncle Sam’s rulebook. How? With a fun round of Total Trivia Game Show! Get ready to test your brainpower with quick quizzes and entertaining challenges, all hosted by some top-notch comedians. It’s education mixed with entertainment at its finest!

4. National Coming Out Day: Pride Party Package
Let’s celebrate love! National Coming Out Day is all about embracing LGBTQ+ identity and spreading the love. So, let’s throw a bash with Neon Entertainment’s Pride Party Package! From Pride Bingo to crafty DIY activities, it’s a rainbow-colored party hosted by fabulous drag performers. Get ready to strut your stuff and celebrate in style! Learn more about the history of National Coming Out Day at The Evolution of National Coming Out Day on College Campuses!

5. National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week: Hypnotic Intoxication
Learning can be fun, right? National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week is here to remind us to drink responsibly. But who says we can’t have a good time while learning? Enter Hypnotic Intoxication! Through a wild session of hypnosis, you’ll experience the effects of alcohol without actually drinking. It’s a mind-bending journey that’ll leave you with a powerful message and a lot of laughs. Looking for more alcohol awareness programs? Find them at 4 Great National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week Programs!

6. Halloween: Pumpkin Carving with Eric Jones
Get into the Halloween spirit with master carver Eric Jones! His extraordinary talent will leave you in awe as you create your own jack-o’-lantern masterpiece. It’s one of the perfect popular fall event programs to add to any fall celebration!

7. Halloween: Zombie Laser Tag
Get ready for a spooky adventure! The Zombie apocalypse is here, and you and your friends must defend yourselves. With high-tech laser tag equipment, you’ll experience a thrilling and immersive game unlike any other.

8. Halloween: Trick or Trivia
Think you know everything about Halloween? Put your knowledge to the test with Trick or Trivia! Compete in a fun trivia competition hosted by a professional comedian, and you could win some cool prizes. Check out Monster Bash and Other Halloween Themed Party Ideas for some spooky ideas!

9. Halloween and Thanksgiving: Create-a-Creature
Unleash your creativity with Create-a-Creature! Design your very own fantastical creature using colorful materials and accessories with one of our most popular fall event programs. It’s a DIY experience that’s perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit!

10. Native American Heritage Month: Piscataway Nation Singers & Dancers
Take a moment to honor Native American traditions with a mesmerizing performance by the Piscataway Nation Singers & Dancers. Led by Mark Tayac, this celebration will take you on a journey through Native American culture with dance, drumming, and song.

From orientation to Native American Heritage Month, Neon Entertainment has a variety of popular fall event programs to spice up your fall festivities. So, gather your friends, embrace the autumn vibes, and let’s make some memories!


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