Booking a Comedian for your Next College Event: Some Basics

Booking a Comedian for your Next College Event: Some Basics

Everyone loves a good stand-up act. From prepared jokes that cause roaring laughter to relatable observations about life, comedy brings people together.  Very few other things have the power of comedy. Here are some things to consider regarding booking a comedian for your campus’ event.

Learn their material, discuss the audience

Let’s get started with some of the things you should do. First and foremost, always discuss with the performer beforehand what kind of material they do. A crowd of college students is going to find an older comedian who specializes in corporate settings to be less entertaining than the comic who’s in their age bracket and cracking jokes about school’s shortcomings and relatable experiences with people. 

Related to the first point, you should always discuss the crowd with the performer before they arrive to know what to prepare. Discuss things like career interests, majors and broad interests so the comedian you’re booking for your college event has an idea about which topics are fair game and what to maybe drop from the program.

No matter what you’re looking for, we are proud of our assortment of high quality comics who can entertain your campus with class.

When booking a comedian, give them their own space

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’re probably going to want to have a hotel room or something booked for the comic. This is for a few reasons, one; it’s a changing and green room for them, two; it’s a secluded space where they can finalize material, and three; they’re traveling, they’re going to want to have somewhere to put their feet up after the show. This courtesy keeps everyone fresh, and after a long and tiring night, safe.

Keep in mind the option of virtual events, which can help save budget for other activities…

Communication is essential

Something else you want to keep in mind is finding out if they require any setup materials (lights, room setup, props, etc) before going on. Usually, for stand-up acts, you’re also going to have to provide a quality microphone as well. However, check to see if they prefer a pack or a handheld, or if they have their own preferred mic.  Communication is key! When planning live events, it can be intimidating if you’re new to it, unless you have someone like Neon Entertainment to guide you through the process…

Finally, keep in mind the setup of the show you’re putting on. Comedy comes first in the rotation, especially if there’s music booked as well. The best comedians on the planet would still struggle to get laughs after a live band goes up. Remember that if you are looking for something fun, but classy, we have both virtual and in person events available, and virtual can save some room on the budget side.

This is far from an exhaustive list, and we haven’t covered the no-no’s, but these basics should be the things to keep in mind first and foremost. This way, everyone stays on the same page and is happy and satisfied. Get in touch to book a stand-up comedian from our roster or even a national act for your next college event today! 


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