A Busy Start to the Year for G Yamazawa

A Busy Start to the Year for G Yamazawa

By Steven Gothan

G Yamazawa is a spoken word and hip hop artist a part of Neon Entertainments roster. G has been busy the last few months with releasing new music and traveling the world. Within the last month he has created two music videos and was a feature on DJ Luke Nasty’s new album Cruise Control.


G traveled to Seoul and while there he created the video Crush On You Freestyle. This song is filled with punch lines and a heavily rhyming flow over an uptempo beat.

“I wanna rap till the sun fade,

shoot my shot’s fuck a pump fake,

rocking runaways, down the runway” Crush On You


Teaming up with Joyce Wrice, G released Leather Seating in early March. The beat has a classic hip-hop vibe with G spitting lyrics about being Asian American, growing up in North Carolina, and remembrance of home.

“Got a taste for humble pie, performed in 47 states by the age 25” Leather Seating


Collaborating with fellow North Cack artist DJ Luke Nasty, G is featured on the track I Need which is number six on the album. The song is a smokers anthem, referring to how the artist needs a lighter to “light their backwood”.  DJ Luke Nasty is an established artist in the hip hop genre with songs like OTW and Might Be that have millions of views on Youtube.


Be sure to check out G Yamazawa’s album Shouts to Durham released in 2017 with the song North Cack that has almost a million views on Youtube. The album peaked at 37th on Itunes top 100.


With his videos collecting thousands of views within the short period of being released, be sure to pay attention to G Yamazawa as he plans to make 2018 his year. G’s new music is available for listen on Spotify and Pandora along with being able to be booked for your college event.


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