DIY Creative Engagement Package: Building Interactive Events

DIY Creative Engagement Package: Building Interactive Events

Welcome to a new era of college orientations—one where creativity, connection, and well-being take center stage. Neon Entertainment understands the significance of making a memorable first impression on incoming students. That’s why we’ve developed our DIY Creative Engagement Package, a collection of resources and activities designed to make your orientation events unforgettable. Our package has everything from creative projects to mindfulness activities, making sure there’s something for everyone. It helps students connect, relax, and feel good. With easy-to-use options that are shipped directly to your campus, you can create an exciting and welcoming environment for new students with packages starting at $3000 for 200 pieces. Turn orientation into a blast with activities like Color Your Own Zlipperz, Alpha Art, Sand Scapes, Color Your Own Tote Bag, DIY Zen Gardens, Color Your Own Picture Frames, and Alphabet Shirts. These activities help students break the ice, build a sense of community, and create awesome memories. Welcome your students with open arms and tons of creativity, setting the stage for a connected and successful college journey.

Why Choose DIY Creative Engagement Package?

Imagine a lively room filled with new students engaging in creative DIY projects together. Picture them bonding over creative activities, transforming traditional icebreakers into exciting, interactive experiences. With our DIY Creative Engagement Package, simple activities create strong connections, setting the tone for a welcoming and inclusive college experience. All you need are tables and this package to have instant engagement.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Social Connections: Our DIY projects encourage students to interact, collaborate, and build friendships from day one. Simple requests like “Pass the red marker” can spark conversations that blossom into new friendships.
  • Interactive and Fun: Transform orientation events with hands-on activities that are both enjoyable and meaningful. While students are engaged in coloring and other activities, conversations flow naturally, without the pressure of forced interactions.
  • Mental Health Focus: Many of our projects are designed to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being. Engaging in these creative activities together helps students feel more at ease, making connections effortlessly.

Our DIY Creative Engagement Package ensures that orientation events are not only fun and memorable but also help create connections and support student well-being from the very beginning.

What’s Included in the Package?

Our DIY Creative Engagement Package is filled with activities that are tailored to your own interests and goals. Here’s a sneak peek at the options that can be offered at your next orientation event:

1. Color Your Own Zlipperz

Color Your Own Zlippers is a super fun event where students get to jazz up their comfy slippers! These slippers are special because you can zip off and swap the tops, so you can mix and match designs and colors however you like. We provide fabric markers and have sizes from small to XXL (Sizes 3 – 13), so everyone can join in on the fun.

It’s a great way to show off your creativity and style while hanging out and chatting with friends. Whether you want matching designs or something different on each foot, Color Your Own Zlippers lets you make them totally yours. So grab a pair and let your imagination run wild!

2. Alpha Art

Alpha Art from Neon Entertainment is a blast for creating art that’s all about personal style and social vibes! With over 150 letter designs to pick from, you can spell out anything you want. Whether you’re teaming up with friends to make a shared masterpiece or going solo on your own creative journey, Alpha Art lets you have fun with words and designs.

Choose between white or black mats with 3-6 letter openings to frame your artwork. It’s not just about decorating your space—it’s about hanging out, getting creative, and chatting about the cool words and ideas you’re using. Perfect for dorm rooms, offices, or anywhere you want to add a pop of personality, Alpha Art makes art a social experience that’s all about making your space uniquely yours!

3. Sand Scapes

Introducing students to DIY Sand Scapes, the newest trend in customizable sand art for students! It’s all about creating your own chill and eye-catching pieces. You start by peeling off stickers to uncover cool designs, then layering on sand in up to 6 vibrant colors—depending on what you’re going for.

But it’s not just about making art; it’s also a great way to start conversations! Picture everyone chatting about their designs and the colors they’re using while they’re getting crafty. Each kit comes with bottles for pouring sand, funnels to keep things neat, and toothpicks for adding those final touches. Whether you’re hanging out in a dorm or hosting an event, DIY Sand Scapes bring creativity and relaxation together in one awesome activity!

4. Color Your Own Tote Bag

Get ready customize your style with Color Your Own Totes! It’s like bringing a coloring book to your everyday tote bag. Students can let loose and design their own tote using fabric markers—whether they stick to the lines or create their own unique look.

These tote bags are not just fun—they’re practical too! Perfect for lugging around books, snacks, or whatever you need on campus. You can choose from a bunch of cool designs or even get custom artwork made just for your college. And the best part? All the supplies are shipped right to you, so you can get crafty wherever you like. Dive into DIY fashion with Color Your Own Totes and show off your style on the go!

5. DIY Zen Gardens

Create your own peaceful getaway with DIY Zen Gardens—perfect for relaxation! These mini sanctuaries fit right on your desk, giving you a serene escape whenever you need it. Imagine gently raking sand into calming patterns and arranging smooth stones for a touch of natural harmony.

Each kit has everything you need: sand to sculpt your landscape, a variety of stones for personalizing, and a tiny rake for mindful arranging. It’s not just about decoration—it’s about creating a chill zone that helps you unwind and find balance during busy days. Whether you use it for meditation, stress relief, or just to add a calming vibe to your space, DIY Zen Gardens are a simple way to find peace and tranquility whenever you glance their way.

6. Color Your Own Picture Frames

Get crafty with Color Your Own Picture Frames! It’s the perfect way to capture and personalize college memories while enjoying a relaxing coloring session together. Whether you’re decorating frames for your dorm room or creating gifts for each other, these picture frames let everyone express their unique style.

Choose from a variety of designs or bring your own custom ideas to life. Grab some markers and let your creativity flow as you chat and bond over making something special. It’s not just about decorating frames—it’s about sharing moments and making memories that will last. Color Your Own Picture Frames turn every memory into a work of art!

7. Alphabet Shirts

Alphabet T-shirts are your go-to for breaking the ice at orientation! Imagine students becoming fast friends by playing Human Scrabble together, spelling out words as a team. Plus, you can add your logo in two colors on the back of each shirt, giving your event a personalized touch.

These tees are perfect for new student orientations, team-building activities, and social events where bonding is key. They mix fun with learning about campus buildings or groups, making connections effortless. With Alphabet Tiles front and center, these shirts are not just stylish but also a fun way to remember the beginning of your college journey together.

Elevate Your Orientation Events

Set up is easy! Simply put out tables and materials, and watch as students naturally engage with one another. Conversations flow effortlessly with requests like, “Please pass me that marker,” leading to deeper interactions and lasting friendships. Want to take it up a notch? Organize a speed networking night centered around these creative activities to maximize interaction and engagement.

Focus on Well-being

We believe that offering a supportive environment from the start is crucial. That’s why our activities also emphasize mental health. Engaging in creative projects can reduce anxiety, boost mood, and provide a sense of accomplishment, helping students feel more at ease as they transition into college life.

Ready to Make a Lasting Impression?

Transform your college orientations into vibrant, memorable experiences with our DIY Creative Engagement Package, designed to meet your unique needs whether it’s for a single event or throughout orientation week, ensuring every new student feels welcome and inspired to connect.

Contact your Neon agent today to learn more and start planning an unforgettable orientation event! Learn more about other programs Neon has to offer for orientation at Unforgettable College Orientation Programs: Engage, Educate, Empower.



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