Raging in Silence | Have You Been to a Silent Disco?

Raging in Silence | Have You Been to a Silent Disco?

The lights. The smiles. The characters. The music. Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned dance party. With the comeuppance of festival culture and edm music rising to astonishing popularity, “going to a show” has transformed into something more than just, going to a show. We aren’t talking about afros and bellbottoms here folks. You may or may not have experienced a silent disco, but once you have, you’ll always remember where you were when you did. Neon Entertainment sends everything you need for a silent disco, and a great party. You won’t need any expensive speakers for this party, but it will be bumpin’.

No Noise Complaints Here

You won’t have to worry about the music being too loud when you book our DIY Silent Disco. Based on however many people you plan on having, we will provide you with 150-500 sets of headphones. That is how it works. You walk in, you get your headphones, and you turn them on. The way everyone connects to the music in rhythm is truly unique. Passers-by will be amazed to watch everyone moving and grooving in silence, but the people inside will be lost in the beat.

Variety of Sounds

What if you are scheduled to entertain 500 people who may or may not be into the same music? Each set of headphones features 3 different channels, that can connect to 3 separate ipads that Neon will also provide for your event. This allows you to play 3 different types of music, for different tastes, or a variety of sound that your ravers can change between at their discretion. The DIY Silent Disco is perfect for any large group activity. We’ve seen them used for festivals, parties, corporate events, weddings, fundraising events, freshman orientations, homecoming and more.

Move to the Beat

You might be thinking, okay this sounds kinda cool, but how are that many people going to fit within range of the ipads? The best part is, the range on these headphones gives you up to 500 yards of range! That means you can fill up a huge room, or designate a huge area outdoors in the student union for example. You’ll have plenty of room to dance, and you will certainly be dancing! The headphones are clear and crisp, so everyone will experience outstanding sound quality.

DIY Silent Disco truly is a one of a kind experience. It’s the perfect match for college students looking for something to entertain a large amount of people. It also makes for a good time if you are scheduling an event that falls under a noise restriction, such as during the day while classes are going on, or if you’re on campus at night. You can format your own playlists to the ipads or we can provide an endless list of music that is loaded right in. Silent Disco is also a great way to set up a competition between 2 or 3 DJs, and have them play their music live, and see who has the most listeners!

For more info on how to bring the DIY Silent Disco to your campus or corporate event, simply give us a call or fill out our contact form to learn about pricing and availability! We send everything you need directly to you, anywhere in the country.


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