4 Great Program Ideas For The Portable Roller Rink

4 Great Program Ideas For The Portable Roller Rink

Let the good times roll has an entirely new meaning with Neon Entertainment’s Portable Roller Rink! Neon provides everything your next event needs to be a success. From the rink floor to skates, sound, lights and staffing, Neon Entertainment’s Portable Roller Rink is the most requested program on the roster! Here are four program ideas for the portable roller rink for your next event.

Roll into the disco life style with a throw back event by hosting the portable roller rink! The rink comes with sound equipment and music so requesting throwback music ahead of time is no problem! Neon’s professional retro skates are a guarantee to make you feel like you’re in a different decade. Add a program like Photo Fantasies or Shutter Shades for a fun throwback twist!

Plan your next black light event and light up your campus with the Glow Roller Rink! This rink includes the rink floor, skates, sound, black lights and glow accessories!! Perfect for a black light dance party and fits in well with late night event programming or an extra fun day time program between classes or on the weekend. Black light events also make for a great program during themed weeks. Add the Glow Rink to your Halloween festivities, or take a break from finals and host the rink during the last week of the semester! From the neon flooring to the disco lights, your event with Neon Entertainment’s Glow Roller Rink will be one to remember.

Maybe you have a gymnasium or flooring that fits skates perfectly without the rink floor – no problem! Neon can provide the best skate party for your venue! The mix and match skate party packages were created to cater to your specific needs. Whether you need a large amount of skates, have your own DJ and don’t need Neon to provide sound or you’re hosting the event during the day outside and you don’t need Neon’s staff to provide lights, Neon Entertainment will bring the perfect roller skating party to you!

Adding the Portable Roller Rink to your Family Weekend, Alumni Weekend, Homecoming, Late Night Event, Fall Fest, Spring Fest, Finals Week or Themed Week is a great idea! The rink is versatile for all ages with the option to provide various kids size skates. Also, hosting the rink outside next to make and take novelties and giveaways, is not a problem! Provide a large, solid, completely flat surface that fits the rink floor well, and Neon Entertainment can set up the portable roller rink outdoors!

The Portable Roller Rink has been booked over 200 dates a year, touring 43 states and is excited to come to yours next! Interested in bringing the portable roller rink to your campus or event? Inquire about Neon Entertainment’s rinks here.


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