Coffee House Package Deals | Music Acts For College

Coffee House Package Deals | Music Acts For College

College social event ideas aren’t hard to come by.  As a premier college booking agency, Neon Entertainment has everything you might need to make some fun campus events.  Between live performers and novelty events you can create unique experiences that will appeal to any student on campus.  If you’re having a hard time deciding between the hundreds of artists and events that we have available, allow us to make a suggestion.

Music acts for college are always a good way to draw a crowd.  As it stands, we have a great offer available for booking music artists that will help you get the most for your money.  We’re calling this our “Coffee House Package Deal.”  In short, it’s a way to book several performers for your campus at once.   We’d like to take a few moments to elaborate more on this deal and how to use it to make awesome campus wide events!


Our basic music package deals offer you the opportunity to book either 2 or 3 solo musicians at the same time.  The first, and probably most important, step to take is selecting the artists you want to bring to campus. You can check out our roster on our website to get an idea of the kind of musicians we have available.  Pick similar artists to give your events a certain feel or choose artists from different genres to make sure you appeal to everyone’s tastes.  The choice is yours!


Once you’ve decided who you want for your campus events, then you need to nail down the scheduling.  It’s crucial to complete this step sooner rather than later because our artists are busy performing at campuses all over the nation.  A lot of university event coordinators opt to space out scheduling these artists over the course of a semester. The idea is to create a regular coffee house style atmosphere that students can look forward to.  Whether you decide to set up your events in this way or with another angle in mind, be sure to contact one of our booking agents before it’s too late!


Now that you’ve got your events set you need to get the word out.  After all, if you want your event to be a hit, students will need to know about it in advance so they can plan accordingly.  As part of our music package deals we include a number of promotional options for you to choose from. Facebook ads, campus posters, and email templates can be used to get the word out.  Check out the link above to see the full list of promotional materials we offer to educate your students about the upcoming cool college events.

Finally, if you book one of our coffee house package deals, we’ll throw in FREE pizza for each of your events as an added bonus!  If there’s one thing we’ve learned scheduling college events, it is that nothing quite draws in a college crowd like free food!

Neon Entertainment is where you want to be for any type of college music tour booking.  We’ve been in the business of bringing you fun ideas for college students for years. Our roster of artists, entertainers and events continues grow and makes us a one of a kind college booking agency.  Call and talk to a booking agent today to get your coffee house package deal events set up!


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