Simplify Your Event Planning: Bringing Live Entertainment to You

Simplify Your Event Planning: Bringing Live Entertainment to You

Live events pulse with the heartbeat of entertainment, offering a unique experience beyond screens and speakers. While orchestrating these events might seem daunting, Neon Entertainment will simplify your event planning by bringing talented artists to your doorstep with minimal requirements and doing all the work for you. Here’s how we do it: Tell Us Your Event Needs: Neon Entertainment customizes experiences to your preferences, whether it’s catering to busy lifestyles, sparking creativity, or incorporating themed … Continued

Need Corporate Event ideas? – Consider These Incredible Acts!

  We work with companies and organizations nationwide to provide engaging and inspiring entertainers to help make events unforgettable. Some of our most popular corporate events are our portable roller rinks and our Game Show Events. As time has progressed from the pandemic that forced us all into periods of Zoom parties and safe spaces, we’ve seen how live entertainment is coming back better than ever for companies hoping to bring their teams a good … Continued

10 Awesome Programs to Make Your Orientation Event Unforgettable

Orientation events are important for bringing people together and making them feel like they belong. Whether it’s for college, work, or a special occasion, the activities you choose can really make a big impact on how much fun everyone has. Here are ten programs from Neon Entertainment that will make your event stand out: 1. Game Shows: Neon Entertainment has a bunch of game shows, and they’ve got the most variety to make sure everyone … Continued

4 Compelling Reasons to Unleash Your Team in a Rage Room for Unforgettable Bonding

Hello and welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog by Neon Entertainment! Here on the blog we like to make the lives of event organizers and the Party Planning Committee easier. One way we like to do that is by outlining some reasons to take a look at our incredible events! Today, we’re going to talk about our Rage Room for Team Building. Imagine this: It’s a typical Monday morning. You’re sitting in yet another … Continued

Celebrating National Poetry Month: 6 Incredible Poets for Your Next Event

It’s April and it’s time to honor National Poetry Month, and what better way to do that than to feature some amazing poets that you can bring to your next event? Whether you’re planning a college gathering, a cultural festival, or just a community get-together, these poets are sure to leave a lasting impression with their powerful performances and meaningful words any time of the year! 1. Lacey Roop: Lacey Roop is one of those … Continued

Make Your Next Company Picnic Unforgettable with These Unique Event Ideas!

Welcome back to the Neon blog! We use this blog to help provide inspiration and ideas for unique events for your company. If you didn’t know, we help provide and lead engaging events for organizations nationwide, from colleges and schools to companies and corporate events. We recommend reaching out to speak with an agent to get pricing and other answers for your event, but hopefully, we can help you better understand some of the things … Continued

I Created A Hypnosis Show That Went Against Tradition. (AND PEOPLE LOVED IT.) written by Paul Ramsay

  “There’s nothing special about your hypnosis show.” The words made my stomach twist. I had been a professional hypnotist for six years, performing mostly in the college market and for high schools. After five years on my own, I had been picked up by an agent, but only did two more shows that first year with the agency than I had done the year before when I was self-represented. Over lunch with my agent, … Continued