Celebrating National Poetry Month: 6 Incredible Poets for Your Next Event

Celebrating National Poetry Month: 6 Incredible Poets for Your Next Event

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It’s April and it’s time to honor National Poetry Month, and what better way to do that than to feature some amazing poets that you can bring to your next event? Whether you’re planning a college gathering, a cultural festival, or just a community get-together, these poets are sure to leave a lasting impression with their powerful performances and meaningful words any time of the year!

1. Lacey Roop: Lacey Roop is one of those poets who can really strike a chord with her audience. She covers a wide range of emotions in her work, from joy to sadness, and she’s especially known for her advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community. Her performances are both inspiring and inclusive, sparking important conversations about gender, sexuality, and empowerment.

2. Gabriel Ramirez: Gabriel Ramirez brings a unique perspective to the stage with his poetry. As a Queer Afro-Latinx poet, he addresses important issues like mental health, identity, and social change. His performances are not only electrifying but also thought-provoking, leaving audiences with a lot to reflect on.

3. I.N.K.: If you’re looking for a mix of entertainment and education, I.N.K. is the perfect choice. This poetry duo, made up of Courageous and Lane Shuler, delivers high-energy performances with a comedic twist. They cover a wide range of topics, from diversity and social justice to mental health, and they do it all with humor and flair. Check out Why Create an Open Mic Space on Campus?” written by Courageous to learn more about the benefits of hosting an Open Mic night!

4. Ebo Barton: Ebo Barton‘s poetry is all about challenging the status quo and celebrating individuality. As a mixed Black and Filipino, transgender, and non-binary artist, they bring a fresh perspective to the stage. Their performances are powerful and thought-provoking, encouraging audiences to embrace their own worth and value.

5. Jaylene Clark Owens: Jaylene Clark Owens is a true Renaissance woman, combining her talents as a poet, actress, and educator. Her poetry is deeply personal and empowering, touching on themes like gentrification and self-discovery. Whether she’s on stage or in the classroom, she’s always inspiring those around her.

6. Clementine von Radics: Clementine von Radics has a way with words that’s truly mesmerizing. Their poetry is raw and emotional, covering topics like love, survival, and identity. Their performances are captivating, drawing audiences in with their honesty and vulnerability.

As we celebrate National Poetry Month, let’s take the time to appreciate the incredible poets who bring so much depth and beauty to our lives. By inviting these poets to your next event, you’re not just entertaining your audience – you’re giving them an experience they’ll never forget. Contact your Neon Entertainment agent to bring one of these amazing artists to your next event!


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