4 Tips to Make the Most Out of New Student Orientation

4 Tips to Make the Most Out of New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation serves an important role in preparing students for a successful college career and improving student retention. We’ve compiled 4 tips for planning an awesome Orientation Weekend and programs that will accomplish those goals.

Educate Students on Campus Resources

A major part of orientation is teaching new students about all the resources you have to offer. An awesome way to make this normally tedious task into a fun activity, is to do it through a game of Human Scrabble. Neon’s DIY Alphabet T-Shirts does just that. You can customize the game to anything you want. Educate the participants on all you have to offer with a friendly competition spelling out the resources important for their career on campus.

Plus! A group of strangers will become fast friends as they try to spell out words as a group.

Encourage Student Engagement

Engagement is at the foundation of a student’s college experience. It is proven that the students who are involved in campus life get better grades, become the majority of the alumni donors and enjoy their college experience more! Mike Fritz’s orientation program, Get Engaged, walks students through the 5 secrets for college success and inspires them to get involved in student organizations, campus life, attend events and build lasting relationships while on your campus.

Build Professional Connections

Communication is key to success. Brian Miller teaches teens and young adults how to make better and more meaningful connections with anyone that they meet in his lecture How to Magically Connect with Anyone. He utilizes jaw dropping magic demonstrations and laugh-out-loud stories from a career in entertainment to deliver a powerful message about humanity. Your students will leave not just inspired to be that kind of person, but with a new toolkit full of instantly implementable strategies to get there.

Encourage Lasting Friendships and Professional Connections

Nothing brings people together more that wacky and fun programs for them to participate in. Add a couple inflatables to orientation to build and give students the opportunity to build friendships that will last past their academic career. From inflatable obstacle courses to a Mobile Zip Line, we guarantee that interactive inflatable will be the hit of the party.

For more information about Orientation Programs and programming ideas, give your Neon Agent a call at 716-836-6366.



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