Pop-Up Event Packages

Pop-Up Events

We offer a wide range of exciting and engaging entertainment options that can be brought directly to your event. Neon Entertainment understands that each event is unique, and our pop-up packages can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

What do you get when you book a Pop-Up Event?

Our events convert your event into a Carnival, a wildly funny Game Show set, a Glow Amusement Night, a Roller Rink, a Bowling Alley, a Retro Gaming Center, a Peaceful Spa, an Ultimate Arcade, and more.  We took the “pop” out of popular and put it into our POP-UP events! Our Pop-Up events are some of our most preferred events packaged to be your one-stop solution to transform your venue into an exclusive experience!

We work with colleges and organizations all over the country to provide customized experiences based on your needs. We’ve worked in the entertainment industry for over 3 decades, and we will provide insight into what can work well, and what won’t work. If you have any questions about whether or not you have the right idea for your event, don’t be afraid to reach out and we can help you out! Be sure to take a look around our site if you don’t see something you like here on the pop-up page, as we have so many things to choose from! We’re confident we can help to make your next event unforgettable! Check Out our YouTube Channel to see more events & inspiration!

To learn more, simply choose your Pop-Up event now and fill out the contact form to get a quote today!