Unforgettable Glow Event Experiences: Light Up Your Next Event

Unforgettable Glow Event Experiences: Light Up Your Next Event

Unforgettable Glow Event Experiences Light Up your next event

Are you ready to transform your next college or corporate event into an unforgettable experience? Look no further than Glow Events, your premier provider of unique and thrilling glow-in-the-dark activities. We specialize in creating vibrant, immersive experiences that will leave your students and guests engaged and thoroughly entertained.

Our extensive array of glow-in-the-dark activities includes everything from blacklight mini golf to glow foam dance parties, each designed to captivate and excite. Imagine your students or guests navigating through a neon-lit mini golf course or picture them dancing the night away in a sea of glowing foam, the pulsating lights and energetic music creating an atmosphere of pure joy and exhilaration.

At Neon Entertainment, we believe in the power of fun to bring people together, and our glow event experiences are tailored to do just that. Whether you’re planning a union bash, fall fest, or a high-energy corporate event, our activities are crafted to engage everyone, make your event glow!

Blacklight Mini Golf

Imagine playing a round of mini golf, but with a cosmic twist! Our Blacklight Mini Golf setup brings the excitement of cosmic mini golf to your party. With scorecards and pencils just like a real course, your guests won’t be able to stop playing. The vibrant neon colors and glowing obstacles create unique and unforgettable glow event experiences for players of all ages.

Blacklight Bowling

Turn any room into a fully functioning bowling alley with our Blacklight Bowling setup. We provide everything you need, including 2 or 4 lanes, a scoring system, bowling balls, and glow lights. The entire setup is designed to immerse your guests in a glowing bowling extravaganza, perfect for parties, corporate events, or any occasion that calls for a bit of friendly competition.

Glow Pickleball

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country, and now you can bring the excitement of glow-in-the-dark pickleball to your event. Our premier glow equipment ensures that all the gear glows under blacklights, creating a spectacular visual effect. Ideal for night events, Glow Pickleball is perfect for players of all ages, especially as the sport continues to gain popularity among younger demographics. According to Pickleball Dinks, 18-34-year-olds now represent the largest age group of players.

Blacklight Axe Throwing

Looking for something a bit more adventurous? Try our Blacklight Axe Throwing. We can set up 2, 4, or 6 targets enclosed with heavy-duty metal caging and floor protection gear, ensuring safe and unforgettable glow event experiences. Our certified axe masters will guide participants, making it a great activity for team building, corporate events, trade shows, or private parties. Customize the targets with your logo for an extra touch.

Glow Photo Booth

Capture the fun with our Glow Photo Booth! This classic photo booth experience comes with a twist – LED lights that allow you to create light trails around your photos. We can even customize your printed photos with your logo, school name, or company name, making it a memorable keepsake for your guests. Check out more of our Photo Booth options at “6 Great Photo Fun Programs!

Glow Foam Dance Party

Take your dance party to the next level with our Glow Foam Dance Party. We use a specially formulated, non-toxic foam to fill the dance floor waist-high with bubbles, creating an unbelievable and fun atmosphere. The foam machine fills the pit in just about 6 minutes, and the glowing lights add an extra element of excitement. This is a must-have for any high-energy event.

Glow Roller Rink

Roll into the night with Neon’s Portable Glow Roller Skating Rink, complete with a glowing floor. Our rink features bright neon colors and glowing lights that create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. We offer a standard size rink of 2400 square feet, but can expand up to 7200 square feet. Each event includes music, lights, skates, and an event manager to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Giant Light Bright

Remember the light bright toys from your childhood? Now imagine that, but much bigger and brighter! Our Giant Light Bright is a fantastic addition to any event, perfect for all ages. Use it as a team-building activity, an interactive centerpiece, or simply let your guests create cool designs. It’s a fun, nostalgic activity that everyone will enjoy.

DIY Silent Disco

Experience the hottest trend in party entertainment with our DIY Silent Disco. This unique event lets guests listen to music through wireless headphones, choosing between three different music channels. The LED lights on the headphones indicate which channel guests are listening to, adding a visual element to the fun. We provide all the equipment, including up to 500 headphones and 3 iPads, making it easy to host your own silent dance party indoors or outdoors. Check out some programs that are great to combine these headphones with at “4 Great Programs to Combine with Silent Disco Headphones

Pop Up Glow Games

Why choose just one glow game when you can have them all? Our Pop Up Glow Games package allows you to bring 9-hole Glow Mini Golf, Glow Pickleball, Glow Volleyball, and Glow Dodgeball to your event. All equipment glows under our special blacklights, creating an incredible glow game night experience. Select two, three, or all four games to customize your unforgettable glow event experiences.

Ready to Light Up Your Event?

At Glow Events, we provide everything you need to create a memorable and unforgettable glow event experiences for your guests. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a private party, or a college function, our glow-in-the-dark activities are sure to impress. Reach out via our contact form to get in touch with a regional agent and start planning your glowing event today!


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Unforgettable Glow Event Experiences blacklight mini golfBlacklight Mini Golf

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