Book a Band for Your Next Campus Event!

Book a Band for Your Next Campus Event!

If you’re an event coordinator for your university, it’s up to you to provide fun college event ideas for students.  Your goal is to schedule quality entertainment that draws students in so they can have a good time. In way you’re sort of responsible for creating some of the lasting memories that everyone expects to find when they enroll.

Even when comparing all the cool college event ideas out there, it can be hard to find something that will match the intensity and excitement of a live music performance.  Colleges from all over are starting to bring in more live music events to campus. Here’s a few reasons why live music performances have become the trend that is sweeping the campus events scene.

Live Music Atmosphere

The biggest difference between a live music act and any other form of campus event is the atmosphere.  Live band performances fill the crowd with energy as they get on their feet to get in tune with the music.  Simply put, live music events encapsulate what the party feeling at college is all about.

Perfect Social Event Ideas

In that same vein, booking live music acts is a great way for students to meet new people.  Campus event ideas, like live music performances, give students the perfect platform to meet other people with similar interests.  Alternatively, going to live concerts with a group of your friends allows you to share a cool new experience.

College Event Ideas With a Unique Experience

One of the coolest things about live performances is that every show is going to be different.  The way the crowd and the band play off each other’s energy makes every event a unique experience.  Even years down the road you’ll remember all the intricacies of a live college music event and the nostalgia of a once in a lifetime experience.

Reduce Stress With Live Music Acts

Believe it or not, but studies have shown that live music performances can reduce stress!  This makes booking a live a band the perfect fit for colleges that want to give students a break from the stress of classes and exams.  Additionally, looking forward to a major event on the calendar will help keep their spirits up as they wait in anticipation for one of the best nights of the semester.

Neon Entertainment | Featured Artists

Neon entertainment is one of the premier college music booking agencies in the United States.  Our roster of talented musicians spans across all genres ranging from rock and hip/hop to country and even “a cappella.”  With artists like All The Rest, Sirsy, Hive, Lance and Lea, and John Gurney available for booking, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need to put your next campus event over the top.

Whether you need a music booking agency for college or corporate events, Neon Entertainment is the place for you.  We excel at providing cool college event ideas for universities all over the nation. To get the best experience for your next campus event call the popular music booking agency, Neon Entertainment today!



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