6 Popular Music Acts For Your Spring Music Fest

6 Popular Music Acts For Your Spring Music Fest

Every college student looks forward to their annual campus spring music festival.  Whether it’s to celebrate the end of winter or the coming summer vacation, a live music party always hits the spot.  If you’re a college event planner, now is the time to finalize booking music artists for your upcoming campus events.  Lucky for you Neon Entertainment has a talented roster of up-and-coming musicians who love touring the college circuit.  Here’s a quick look at 6 of our popular music acts that you can book for your campus events.

Andie Case

Andie is a popular singer/ songwriter and got her start when she moved out to LA at the age of 18.  Now she has an audience of over 1 million subscribers on Youtube! People love listening to her because her songs are catchy and she sings about topics that people can resonate with.  A few years back she won the million dollar grand prize during the worldwide mobile talent competition hosted by Megastar!  In addition to writing and recording new songs, she’s ready to showcase her musical talent at your campus.


Lijie’s love of music started at an early age when her parents enrolled her in piano lessons.  After learning to play the guitar during college, she started performing at every open mic night she could find.  Now she performs for slightly larger crowds as she frequents the college campuses sharing her passion for music.

Compass & Cavern

Formed in Denver Colorado, this alternative rock duo has shown great promise since their inception back in 2014.  With two albums out already and another currently in the works, they are poised for a major breakout. In addition to writing and recording new music, they love performing and spent much of last year touring at college campuses along the west coast.

Lance & Lea

What happens when a guitarist from Texas meets a Colorado cowgirl?  A powerful musical duo is born… At least that was the case for Lance Kotara and Lea Kaufman.  Both fell in love with music at as kids and when they met, the music began to flow. Their debut album released in 2018 which helped them earn the honors of “Best New Artist of the Year.”  Their connection and musical talent is worth seeing live and is the perfect fit for campus entertainment.

Jake Robertson

Jake certainly didn’t wait to begin his music career.  He was already learning how to play the guitar and sing when he was just seven years old!  Now he’s 24 and has already toured the globe with notable musicians like The Beach Boys, Dragonette and Carly Rae Jepsen.  Jake’s talents fit the college atmosphere perfectly with his upbeat pop style and contagious enthusiasm for his craft.

Shanice Green

Shanice embodies everything that’s great about live music performances.  Her style, described as “unfiltered soul,” helps her connect with the audience like few other artists can.  Her songs often reflect on her childhood growing up in a small town in rural Texas. If you’re looking for an intimate performer for a coffee house style event, you won’t be sorry you booked Shanice Green.

Packaged Deals

If more than one of these talented musicians have caught your eye, you can book several at once with our packaged deal.  This will give you the best bang for your buck and can help you fill out your campus events schedule. Book 3 artists for one major show or spread them out into a series of shows this spring; the choice is yours.  Check out the rest of our music acts for college to see some of the other great musicians that we didn’t have time to spotlight.

Neon Entertainment is one of the premier music tour booking agencies for college events.  If you’re looking for campus entertainment, check out our diverse roster of college musicians.  Call today and speak with one of our college music booking agents and get your spring fest schedule locked down before it’s too late!


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