Virtual Variety Events for Any Demographic

Virtual Variety Events for Any Demographic

The word virtual has been thrown around like wildfire since COVID-19 has taken a hold on the world. With no end coming in the near future. We believe virtual events and virtual programs are here to stay for a long time. We have always been on top of our game when it comes to engaging with college students all over the country. Now we are at the forefront of providing virtual events and programs to help keep students engaged through these tough times. 



One of the reasons that young adults decide to go to college is not only to further their education but to engage with people from all walks of life. One of the ways they would do this is through events that happen on campus. Since that is not an option anymore, for the time being, we don’t want students to lose out on that experience. So created a long list of Virtual Events, even dedicating a website strictly for our Virtual Programs.


When quarantine started, one of the most talked-about shows that hit the mainstream was Tiger King. Filled with drama, murder, money laundering, and mystery is captivated audiences all over the world. We like to satirize the real world in our virtual escape room. Tigerland Escape Room is a mystery that you need to solve. Money has gone missing from Bobby Majestic’s Amazing Tigerland and we need your help to find the culprit. This is all done through videoconferencing technology.


There are countless CSI themed shows that are on TV and everyone loves a good crime story. Have you ever considered a virtual event in which you need to find out who committed a mob hit a local club? Well, Tommy Benneti is the owner of this club and hires a tech guy to hack into the police database to find out who the shooters were. You have 60 minutes to gather the evidence and solve the hit before the cops trace this back to Tommy. Up to 500 people can attend this virtual event. So this is the perfect virtual event for a large group of attendees.

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