Vlogging with Comedian Derrick Knopsnyder

Vlogging with Comedian Derrick Knopsnyder


Vlogging has become extremely popular, especially with Neon Entertainment artist, Derrick Knopsnyder. Derrick is a comedian on our roster and also hosts Game Shows! Derrick explains why he started his vlog, his main goal and shares advice to college students.

What made you create your Vlog Series?

A few things – I love creating content for people to view! It allows me to connect with people who have seen my show and stay in touch with them. Plus it is so much fun to document where all I have been and hopefully where all I will go.

Lastly – the biggest thing that made me create my Vlog is the fact that I genuinely love people, let me explain! I am so fortunate to be able to do what I love and live my dream because of others who have helped me along the way – that I want to return some of that love!

What do you hope to receive from your vlogging?

Interaction. I just really want to connect with people who are going after what they love. This vlog is allowing me to tell my story to people all across the country, the only thing I want in return is to hear other people’s stories. That’s it. We all have a story and everyone is so busy telling theirs that they forget to listen to the people around them.

This vlog has given me a platform to listen to what other people want, and to give them practical advice to help them along their way (or help them get started). Believe me when I say this – I know VERY little about life but I genuinely believe if you’re a good person and do good things, good things happen to you. So that’s how I’m trying to live my life.

If there is one piece of advice you could give to college students, what would it be?

One? How about two – I think they’re both important!

1. You’re going to fail A LOT, it’s gonna happen. You have to fail to be great. So get out there and fail often – Grow from it and become great.

2. Most Importantly – If you want to be successful right out of college, you’ve gotta network like crazy while you’re in college! If you know what you’d love to do for the rest of your life after graduation, then get out there and find someone who’s already doing it. Learn from them, network with them and build your arsenal of resources. That’s really what college is about – not books, papers, or exams… It’s about building who you already are and who you want to be.

One last thing – If you’re reading this, connect with Derrick! He wants to talk to you! Instagram or SnapChat – DKNOP22

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