Watch Your Semester Grow with these 3 Plant Programs

Watch Your Semester Grow with these 3 Plant Programs

Plants are more than just something nice to look at. They’re natural air purifiers that improve your overall well-being. The presence of indoor plants can lead to a decrease in anxiety level, raise in productivity, and even lower blood pressure.

Neon Entertainment provides 3 awesome plant programs. All of them are DIY (Do-it-yourself); meaning they’re budget friendly and shipped right to your door. Neon delivers everything you need to run a successful event.

Lucky Bamboo


Green Heads

Lucky Bamboo

We all could use a little luck in our lives…right? Lucky bamboo is a popular plant, because it doesn’t require sunlight to grow, making it easy to take care of and perfect for rooms with little natural light.  But, why is it called Lucky? The name comes from the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui. The Plant is considered lucky, because of its peacefulness, vitality and strong growth. According to Feng Shui, lucky bamboo brings positivity into your home, with different numbers of bamboo stalks meaning different things. Our program provides 3 bamboo stalks for each vase. Feng Shui says that the combination of three stalks will bring in happiness, long life and career promotions. The perfect take-away for a college student!

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Plant your Own Succulents

Succulents are the perfect plant for anyone who think they can’t even keep a cactus alive. They hold water in their leaves and need to be watered less than once a week. Aloe Plants, Hawthornia, and Jade are just a few types of succulents you might know. Our Plant Your Own Succulent program sends you a variety of over 20 different Succulents! Participants get to go home with their very own, unique plant to spruce up their dorm, office, apartment, or home.

Plant Your Own Succulents >>>

Green Heads

Add character to your dorm with Green Heads! Green heads are a fun and easy craft for all ages.  We send all the supplies to you need to make the cutest little “garden” you’ll ever see. Assemble your Green Head and watch as it sprouts hair! It’s the perfect addition to Siblings Weekend, Family Day, or any other event you can think of.

DIY Green Heads >>>

Bring a Plant Program to your next welcome week, health and wellness fair, finals week, Earth Day, or decotate your dorm events. Fill out the form below for bookings and inquires.


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