5 Reasons To Book The Sexual Assault Program ‘Zero Shades of Gray’ On Your Campus

5 Reasons To Book The Sexual Assault Program ‘Zero Shades of Gray’ On Your Campus

By Kelsey Pyse

Inform students on what could be a reality: Sexual assault is a serious matter, especially for college students. Did you know that 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men are sexually assaulted during college? Think about it, someone you know could have been sexually assaulted and you have no idea. This is the reality of a college campus. People are unknowing about the risks that can happen to them. Someone who is sexually assaulted is the one who is really punished. Countless articles have been published about the student who initiated that assault gets little to no consequences, yet the victim has to live with it for the rest of their lives. This is the reality of sexual assault and the main reason why everyone needs to be informed about this topic.

Why students need to be informed: Being a college student myself, it’s mind blowing to learn the statistics about sexual assault. A study conducted by the Center For Disease Control (CDC) conducted a study involving 5,000 college students at over 100 colleges found that 20% of women have reported being forced to submit to sexual intercourse against their will. Even though the study conducted didn’t say something about men being sexually assaulted, it’s still out there. College campuses are where most of these occurrences take place. Having the information out there on what has and can happen is giving you the ability to make your college campus a safer place for everyone.

Why college campuses encounter so much sexual assault: Did you know that the most likely place someone will be sexually assaulted is in their dorm or residence hall? Incoming freshman within the first two months of the semester are at the highest risks of being sexually assaulted. This time is often referred to as the sexual assault “red zone”. You have a lot on your plate when you first start college. Where are all of my classes? How much are books? Will I make any new friends? You’re not thinking straight, yet this is the time you have to be on the look out. Making new friends in college is great, however the odds of your attacker being a friend or acquaintance are very high. A recent study found that 90% of the victims knew their aggressor. Having fun with a group of your friends at a party is great, yet no one ever thinks to consider what might happen once you get back to the dorms. This is why steps should be taken to maximize your safety not only when going to parties, but when you get to your room.

What can be done to stop it: Ask yourself, what can I do to stop the threat of sexual assault on my campus? Learn about the Clery Act. This is the final regulation of the Violence Against Women Act. It talks about crimes that are committed, especially against women dealing with domestic violence, fondling, and so on. Knowing that on campus residential housing includes dorms, apartments, sorority, and fraternity houses owned, controlled, or located on university property allows a victim to report a sexual assault cases because the location of the assault comes second to if it happened on university property. A ten-year study followed sexual assaults and rapes from 2001 to 2011 on college and university campuses in Massachusetts. This study found that 81% of all rape and assaults happened in dorms, where 9% were in houses or apartments, and 4% took place in a fraternity. Knowing where sexual assault is most likely to take place allows students and faculty to take measures to prevent such acts from happening again.

Why this program is perfect for you: Being informed about crimes on campus is a must for not only incoming freshmen but returning students as well. The threat of sexual assault and rape is out of control on campuses around the country. This act was put into place to protect students and boost the accountability and transparency at colleges and universities. Studies have shown that campuses have reported over 6,700 forced sexual assaults in 2014, however a recent study shows that the actual number of cases has been estimated to be at least four times that amount. This is why the Campus Accountability and Safety Act was created, so that schools would rather protect the survivor and hold the aggressor accountable. A recent survey of colleges and universities discovered that 41% of schools have yet to conduct a single investigation of sexual assault or rape on campus within the last five years. Working with the Tile IX office on campuses, Schools have started to take charge of this situation and put a stop to it. This is why students, faculty, and staff should be learning about sexual awareness. Being prepared and taking the measures against harmful acts will put your school ahead of the rest. Colleges and universities have been educating students through their Title IX offices for years. You can take it one step further and book Zero Shades of Gray for your college and university orientations. At freshman orientation our speakers will teach the students about the risks of sexual assault and how to take the right safety measures to protect themselves throughout their entire college experience. Let Neon Entertainment and Zero Shades of Gray start your school year off right with the tips and tools to a safe and happy year.

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