Deck Your Dorm with Make and Takes: Transform Your Space

Deck Your Dorm with Make and Takes: Transform Your Space

Deck Your Dorm with Make and Takes! Neon Entertainment’s Make and Take and DIY programs provide a personalized experience like no other. These programs allow participants to create one-of-a-kind items. Choose from a variety of items and customize them with emoticons, names, logos, initials, pictures from your phone or social media, or any combination of these elements. These customized items are created by professionals on-site so that participants take their item with them in just a few minutes! Are you on a budget or would you just like to do an event yourself? Neon Entertainment also has DIY events that are perfect for adding some self-expression to any dorm room! Choose your item and have it shipped to your campus or event, fulfilling your ‘Do-it-Yourself’ needs! This unique way of ‘ordering’ an event provides all the materials you need to run a successful event, creating a unique, one-of-a-kind item your attendees will be excited to take home! Here’s a closer look at some standout options to deck your dorm with make and takes.

1. Full Color Sign Shop

Show off your personality with a custom street sign! Each participant creates their own street sign with personalized text and a background of their choice. These signs are created on-site and are perfect for dorm rooms or as a gift for friends.

Traditional Sign Shop is also available with vinyl letters on a solid color sign.

2. Photo Dry Erase Boards

Customize a dry erase board to fit your style! Choose from pictures, text, and more to design a board that helps with organization or adds a fun touch with a favorite sports team or personal photo. Options include rectangle and speech bubble shapes.

3. Custom Photo Fan Zone

Deck your dorm with make and takes by showing off your school spirit with Neon Entertainment’s Custom Photo Fan Zone. Create personalized pennants, car flags, stadium cushions, or basketball hoops with your own photos or designs. Perfect for supporting your team and adding flair to your space.

4. DIY Sand Scapes

Dive into the latest trend in sand art with DIY Sand Scapes. Peel off stickers to reveal designs and layer with sand to create unique pieces. Neon Entertainment provides custom designs and all the supplies needed, including bottles, sand in various colors, funnels, and toothpicks.

5. Alpha Art

Decorate your dorm with Alpha Art, where you can spell any word with photos of cool letter designs. Choose from over 150 letter options and white or black mattes with 3-6 letter openings to create personalized artwork for your space.

6. Photo Sequin Pillow Cases

Deck your dorm with make and takes by elevating your decor with custom sequin pillow cases. These interactive pillows are changeable with a swipe and perfect for home, office, or dorm. Durable and versatile, they’re easy to clean and will make you event memorable.

7. DIY No Sew Blankets

Cozy up with a blanket you make yourself! Neon Entertainment provides fleece material in assorted colors and prints, along with scissors, so you can create a no-sew blanket that’s perfect for any time of the year. Check out some of our other DIY events at DIY Creative Engagement Package: Building Interactive Events.

8. Custom and Photo Mugs

Jazz up your coffee routine with a customized mug. Choose between classic mugs or stainless steel camp mugs, and design your own with pictures, emojis, or text. These mugs make great gifts and add a personal touch to your morning routine.

Mental Health Benefits of Make and Takes and Decorating Your Dorm

Deck your dorm with make and takes and engage in creative projects that offer numerous mental health benefits, making these activities not just fun but also therapeutic.

1. Stress Relief

Creating personalized items and decorating your space can significantly reduce stress levels. The focus required for these activities provides a distraction from worries and helps clear your mind.

2. Enhanced Mood

Completing a creative project can boost your mood and provide a sense of accomplishment. The act of making something with your own hands releases dopamine, the feel-good hormone, which enhances overall happiness.

3. Self-Expression

Personalizing your space allows you to express your identity and creativity. This self-expression can improve your sense of self and contribute to greater overall well-being.

4. Improved Focus

Engaging in creative activities can improve concentration and attention to detail. This enhanced focus can carry over into other areas of your life, such as academics.

5. Social Connection

Participating in Make and Take or DIY events can foster social connections. Creating alongside others provides opportunities for bonding and can help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

6. Sense of Control

Decorating your dorm and engaging in creative projects can provide a sense of control over your environment. This can be particularly beneficial in a new and potentially stressful setting like a dorm room.

Neon Entertainment’s Make and Take and DIY programs are the perfect way to add personality and style to your dorm room while reaping the mental health benefits of creative activities. Whether you prefer a fully organized event or a DIY project, these options allow you to create unique, personalized items that will make your space truly your own. Book your event today and start decking your dorm with custom creations and a boost to your well-being!



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