Music For Your Mental Health

Music For Your Mental Health

Music is so powerful that it is a proven successful therapy for many conditions, both mental and physical.  Music therapists use music to re-train stroke and brain injury survivors how to speak. In fact, there have been many cases in which a patient is unable to speak, but still can still communicate through singing.  Check out this awesome article on the Stroke a Chord choir in Melbourne, AU which is made up entirely of stroke victims.  Music can also be used for physical rehabilitation, invoking muscle memory through music-inspired movement. You can read more about those benefits in this article that refers to a study on right handed participants training their left hand to complete a task.  The differences between the participants who listened to music while attempting those tasks versus those who did not are pretty astounding.  And while these scenarios may seem like extreme circumstances of music therapy, our mental health and the effects music has on it cannot be overlooked.  Whether you’re a songwriter and musician or just the listening ear, music can be one of the best antidotes to stress and anxiety.  As long as humans have been on earth, music has been a source of expression, prayer, and healing.  And while this pandemic has certainly brought a new level of concerns in regards to mental health, it has also given music artists the opportunity to hone their skills and share them with the world in all new ways.  Neon Entertainment’s musicians provide an escape, a relatable experience, a moment to feel and express all of the emotions we’ve been holding on to.  When you host a musical performer for your campus, you aren’t just providing entertainment, you’re providing a mental health break that your students need now more than ever.  Your Neon Entertainment agent would be happy to help you find the right fit for your students.  We cover every genre of music to suit anyone’s listening needs – from blues and r&b to pop and folk music.  Want your own student musicians to be able to share their talents?  Book a Virtual Open Mic night complete with one of our musicians as your Emcee. With over two dozen artists to choose from, our artist have incredible track records and some of the most talented musicians and vocalists on the college market.

Todd Carey

Based out of New York, Todd Cary impressively made the top forty on iTunes with his 2010 EP “After The Morning After”. Carey has also shared the stage with some pretty impressive artists. Acts like the Dave Matthews Band, Fall Out Boy, John Mayer, and Jason Mraz. With over 3 albums, 2 EPs, and 70+ songs, Todd Carey has been hard at work his entire career. Driving inspiration from the Beatles and Elvis Presley as a young child, his musical roots are embedded deeply through his music. He has also played over 1,000 shows and continues to perform all over the country and is known for giving his audience a very unique experience.

Two Deep Breaths

Gently nourish your body and mind with Two Deep Breaths: a Gentle Yoga & Live Music Getaway.

This 60 minute event combines live music, yoga, meditation, and positive affirmations. Carefully crafted to promote a sense of relaxation, mindfulness, and creative expression. [Read More]  Shanice Green can also be booked for a music-only performance or as a Open Mic Emcee.

Jake Roberston

Jake Robertson has quite the resume under his belt. He has shared stages with some of the biggest acts in the history of music. One of the most popular bands of all time The Beach Boys. Also, sharing a stage with Carly Rae Jepson and even Illscarlet. Just to name a few. He has performed shows at colleges and venues all over the world. He brings an extremely new style of music with his unique approach to his art. He does perform his originals but also does some great covers of everyone’s favorite songs. You can see in his performance that he belongs on stage and loves to share his music with whoever is listening. 

Virtual Open Mic

Looking to do your traditional talent night or open mic night virtually?  Let our entertainers be the hosts.  Bring your talent together in a virtual platform and everyone will have the chance to shine. Our musicians comedians, and poets are ready to entertain you and help host the event.

Let us help keep the tradition of your old open mic nights going or just create a fun and interactive night of talent. 


Booking A Musician with Neon

When it comes to music entertainment for colleges Neon Entertainment has some of the best choices for your campus or event. All of our artists have the credentials to prove that they are top prospects for any event.  We make booking a singer/songwriter as easy as possible. Just by filling out a form. If you would like to learn more visit our music page and learn why our artists are the most sought after in the industry.

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