Hypnotist Shows | Perfect for College Orientation Entertainment

Hypnotist Shows | Perfect for College Orientation Entertainment

Have you ever wondered why college orientation is the most popular time for hypnotists? Neon Entertainment is here to explain! Not only will our hypnotists make you blink twice at what you’re seeing but you’ll laugh and create memories that you’ll remember forever! It’s important to hire an artist for your campus that creates the kind of atmosphere where everyone can have a good time. From choosing participants to come on stage, to making the entire audience laugh, our comedic hypnotists are guaranteed to be a popular event.

Break The Mold Hypnotism

Hypnotist Paul Ramsay broke the mold for stage hypnotism with his program, Mind Games! The show uses remote controls in the audience to steer the course of the show by voting on what they would like to see the volunteers do on stage. Mitchell College from Illinois Institute of Technology, shared that “Mind Games was definitely one of our most well attended Welcome Weekend events in the past few years.” Mind Games is as interactive as it gets by transforming average students into a cast of characters before your very eyes!

Leaving A Mark

Hypnotist programs on campus will be talked about long after the show is over! Abby Throm, a recent graduate from Baldwin Wallace University and a staff member here at Neon Entertainment, explained “one of my best friend’s was on stage during a hypnotist program our freshman year and it’s become an inside joke that we still laugh about to this day!” Participating on stage at your next hypnotist show at your freshman orientation? You may be known as the person who reenacted High School Musical on stage even during your senior year 3 years later! Comedic hypnotism is the kind of event where you leave with new friends that you could have during your entire college career.

Hypnotism With A Message

Hypnotist Keith Karkut has a spin on his traditional hypnotism performance. Hypnotic Intoxication shares true stories of how alcohol has affected the lives of college students. Participants will be invited on stage to drink water and join Keith on a journey into the mind that includes, making volunteers believe they have unlimited access to alcohol. Passing out, stumbling and slurring speech – these volunteers will be a part of the presentation that shows viewers how bad a situation can be. After the volunteers are taken out of hypnosis, Keith ties everything together with a powerful message that will encourage students to rethink some of their decisions and realize what their future holds for them. Hypnotic Intoxication allows students to enjoy and educate themselves on an important message. This program fits will with Alcohol Awareness programs, homecoming and the beginning of a semester.

If you’re interested in hosting a memorable, interactive program, hiring a comedic hypnotist is a great option for any time of the year!


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