3 Unforgettable Summer Team-Building Experiences for Your Company

3 Unforgettable Summer Team-Building Experiences for Your Company

Hello and welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog by Neon Entertainment! Now that we’re pretty squarely in the summertime, coordinating matching events for the season can help to bolster team building. Do you find yourself stuck trying to put together summer team activities for the office? Well look no further! Today we’re going to run through some of the most popular offerings we have. Don’t forget to call your agent early to see about availability! 

Mobile Ax Throwing

Mobile axe throwing offers a unique blend of fun and competition, making it an excellent choice for corporate summer events. This activity is highly scalable, accommodating up to an astounding 1500 guests with options for 2, 4, or 6 targets! Customize the experience with your company’s logo on the targets, or elevate the excitement with glow-in-the-dark options. For a safer alternative, consider inflatable axe throwing, which uses soft, Velcro-tipped axes suitable for a broader audience.

The benefits of incorporating mobile axe throwing into your summer team building keep on going after it gets packed up. Axe throwing fosters teamwork and collaboration as participants cheer each other on, enhances focus through the precision required to hit the target, and serves as an effective stress reliever. Whether you’re looking to boost morale or just offer a break from the norm, mobile axe throwing is an engaging choice that promises a memorable experience!

Mobile Escape Rooms

Our escape rooms are wildly fun, totally immersive, present a riveting challenge, and are endlessly engaging! They’re tailor-made to stump you and require teamwork to find the clues and put them together, leading to new challenges! Escape rooms are the ultimate team building activity and perfect for any event.

Groups of 5-10 team up and solve interactive clues with full-sized props! They have 15 minutes to put their heads together and solve the puzzle, ultimately escaping the room. The same people who design fixed-location escape rooms designed our mobile escape offerings, so you know they’re offering the same level of challenge you’d expect, just designed to be played out in a smaller footprint. 

We offer a wide variety of escape room themes, and even DIY and/or Virtual Reality options! 

Inflatable Mechanical Bull

Ever wanted to live out your dreams of being on the frontier as a cowboy or cowgirl? Ever wanted to jump on the bull at the western-themed bar but couldn’t work yourself up to it? Do it in style with the inflatable mechanical bull from Neon Entertainment! Our mechanical bull offers 5 levels of difficulty ranging from beginner to professional and is accompanied by a trained operator, and failure sends you into an inflatable pad, so there’s much less risk for injury. Get involved in all the fun without any of the danger from a real bull riding or the hardwood floors of the one at the bar! 

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