5 College Welcome Week Tips


  1. Check where your classes are ahead of time – You may think you know the building and classroom, but everyone has a story the first week of classes where they couldn’t find the room number or building.
  2. Be friend the ‘over the top’ student leaders – Yes, they’re extremely peppy but their job is to get you excited about being there and being helpful – get excited with them, they’ll be a great support system!
  3. Overload of Information – Use your notes app on your smart phone or iPad and jot down the tips you may think you’ll be interested in. These little tips may not be on your mind now but will help you in the future!
  4. Attend your programming board events – Its scary and weird to attend an event when you don’t know anyone, but the programming board loves meeting new friends and will welcome you with open arms! Side note, this group usually knows everything that’s happening on campus and can recommend the best-kept secret food options on and off campus!
  5. Free T-Shirts – They’re everywhere. Being shot out of cannons, handed to you during orientation, offered for free tie-dye, tucked in your admission packet. Get as many as you possibly can!