What LGBTQ+ Artists are Right for Your Next Event?

What LGBTQ+ Artists are Right for Your Next Event?

We understand the significance of maintaining a diverse and inclusive community on college campuses.  This is why we believe it is crucial for colleges and universities to host events with diverse perspectives.

Our diverse roster of LGBTQ+ motivational speakers are available to be booked for your next gender orientation, equality, diversity, or inclusion event.  With so many different types of speakers and entertainers available, you’ll be able to target directly to any demographic. Here’s a rundown of the different LGBTQ+ motivational speakers we can get for your next event.


LGBTQ+ Spoken Word

Spoken word poetry is quickly becoming a more and more mainstream form of entertainment.  While traditional poetry is solely a literary art meant to be read, spoken word includes a crucial performance element that makes it feel more real.  

Terisa Siagatonu is an experienced spoken word poet, and has been writing and performing for over 10 years.  Her writing uses her personal experiences to engage the audience into discussions on the important social politics of our time.  Her work excels at inspiring and educating the masses in a subtle entertaining way.

Lacey Roop is like a rockstar in the spoken word poetry community.  She is veteran of many national poetry slam events and has several top finishes from World Poetry Slam.  She has also opened for award winning music acts, been featured on PBS’s Roadtrip Nation, and has even written a full length poetry book.

Ebo Barton has also made some noise in the slam poetry community.  Ebo has been a staple at several popular slam poetry events including the Seattle Poetry Slam Grand Slam where they were a six time finalist.  Ebo has also been highlighted in a number of Seattle news publications for their work promoting social change.


LGBTQ+ Comedians

What better way to engage an audience in a discussion about social issues than with humor?  Our roster of LGBTQ+ comedians are great at broaching the topics of gender identity and breaking cultural norms.  They’re so good at what they do because they all speak from personal experience. Here’s four of our talented artists that are trending up.

Renee Santos loves to tour the country and uses her humor to talk about her life growing up and what it’s like being an LGBT comedian.  She has made a big splash on the comedy scene and has appeared on several nationally televised shows including Showtime’s Pride Comedy Jam.

Julie Goldman got her start working as a stand-up comedian.  She eventually parlayed her comedic career onto the screen and became a regular on a number of nationally televised shows.  Perhaps you’ve seen her recent appearance on Larry David’s reboot of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Daniel Webb is a former musician turned comedian.  He started growing in popularity after he gained notoriety for cracking gay jokes with President Obama.  Since then he’s performed at a number of comedy festivals and has recently made contributions to Funny Or Die!

Kristen Becker has been a popular comedian in the community of Buffalo NY for some time.  Over the past couple of years however she’s been busy with her nationwide tour Loosen the Bible Belt.  Here she teams up with evangelical minister Jay Bakker who preaches a message of love and acceptance followed up by Kristen’s gut busting LGBT humor.


Though they all have their own method there is one thing all of these talented artists have in common.  They all identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community and want to use their skills to change the way the world works.  If you want a campus event that is going to make for a good time while also opening the discussion on social change, then any of these LGTBQ+ artists are a great pick for you.  For help or information on booking any of these talented artists, contact Neon Entertainment today!


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