Hot Mic Artist Trending Report Vol. 2

Hot Mic Artist Trending Report Vol. 2

Neon Entertainment is here to provide you access to artists that are trending in the entertainment world.  Each week we will provide you with five national touring artists that we can book for your next event. Offering services like event preparation and on-site consultation for your events larger events, Neon Entertainment has been one of the leading entertainment booking agencies for the past 23 years.  If you need to hire a comedian or need a … Continued

3 Marketing Tips for Your Holiday Event

by Neon Entertainment The Holiday break is right around the corner, but all student programmers know that these last 3 weeks are jam packed with planning, office hours, attending Ugly Sweater get togethers and putting on your yearly holiday events for students – all while trying to study for finals and prepare last minute presentations. It’s the end of the semester and you have to penny pitch your programming budget, but you want to make … Continued

Homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice

by Chef Egg Pumpkin pie is filled with warm spices that bring the Fall season into full effect. I like to make a batch of pumpkin pie spice to use for all types of recipes from pies, cookies and cakes to adding a couple of dashes to my morning coffee grinds for a dose of light pumpkin flavor. Check out the recipe below and experiment with the warm spices in your spice rack. Now let’s … Continued

Hot Mic Trending Report

Looking for your next National act? Neon Entertainment is here to provide you access to artists that are trending in the entertainment world.  We offer services like event preparation and on-site consultation for your larger events.   Please contact us if you have any questions about the artist availability for your next event. HENRY ROLLINS The legendary punk rock icon of Black Flag and Rollins Band now hits the road for his 2016-2017 spoken-word tour Henry … Continued

How to Have a Successful College Comedy Show

by Ben Rosenfeld College Comedian and Author of the best selling book “Russian Optimism: Dark Nursery Rhymes To Cheer You Right Up”Dear Student Activities Organizer Congrats! You’ve booked a comedian, you’ve picked a date, maybe you’ve even put up some flyers. But the show’s success or failure is still up in the air!After having performed for a ton of different colleges, and having lots of comedian friends who also perform at colleges, I’d like to offer some tips on … Continued

College Students Vote

by Comedian, K-von College Kids Vote TRUMP or HILLARY?! College Students Take A Poll: Who should WIN the WHITE HOUSE? (Their answer may SURPRISE YOU!) K-von asked his audience to take action in the crowd and show who they would like for president. After receiving the loudest applaud for not having a president, K-von jokes, “we can Air bnb the White House.” Click here to see the whole video Book K-von today! www.K-vonComedy.com  

10 Steps To Becoming a Great Emcee

By Ben Rosenfeld Fewer and fewer comedians want to emcee anymore but emceeing skills train you to become very funny on your feet, handle hecklers and sound more conversational. All skills you’ll need before you can headline. With that in mind, here’s some MCing tips based on my personal experience and numerous conversations with other professional comedians. Come in with super high energy1. You want to get the audience’s energy as high as possible. Start … Continued