My Voice My Choice: Embracing the Power of Your Authentic Voice

My Voice My Choice: Embracing the Power of Your Authentic Voice

by Jaylene Clark Owens In a year consumed by a pandemic, protests, and politics, many people have a lot to say. It can be easy for someone to feel like their voice doesn’t matter amongst all the other voices. Others may not know what to say, or when to say it. Then there are others who may adopt the opinions of others because they fear that their unique voice may be criticized, mocked, or silenced. … Continued

The Spoken Word With Our Featured Artists

“How are you doing?”….”How are you doing, REALLY?”  The first question we ask each other on a daily basis out of habit.  It’s an automatic conversation starter for most.  But, the second is the follow-up question we’ve learned to ask since March.  The shutdowns and changes across the country have had significant effects on our mental health.  And for most of us, the answers to this second question are not always positive.  We’ve heard the … Continued

Where to Eat in Denver? | NACA Live 2020

by: I.N.K.’s Lane Shuler The time has come, NACA Live 2020 is nearly here! What would traveling to a new city be without trying out some new restaurant? Sad. That’s what. Here is my list of the must-eat restaurants in Denver Colorado. As always, check with your advisor to ensure you are clear to go, and NEVER miss a showcase to have a meal on your own or anything else off-site! Sam’s No. 3. This … Continued

Denver Travel Guide 2020 | NACA Live

by: I.N.K.’s Lane Shuler Greetings! When I was a senior in High School my brother got me a copy of Atmosphere’s Seven’s Travel’s CD.  Back then, if you wanted music, you could try to download all of the MP3’s in the right order while simultaneously accidentally nuking your family computer, or you could wait to get the physical copy. That album was one of the things that inspired me to be a traveling artist, the … Continued

Lane Shuler | 48 hours of Marvel

Of all of the accomplishments I’ve racked up in life, I maybe pulled off the most impressive of all time this summer.  I’ve set foot on North Korean soil, released a full length music album, obtained my real estate broker’s license, been featured on HGTV, traveled the nation performing slam poetry at NACA and APCA conferences, and colleges and universities, married the love of my life, and many more exciting things. Out of all of … Continued

Ryan Jones | From Student to Performer

by Poet Ryan Jones “So, we’re headed up to Chattanooga for a few days for this national conference for activities boards like ours. If you can spare missing a few days of class, let me know and you’re free to come.” “What the name of the conference again?” “NACA South. Short for the National Association of College Activities.” — It’s incredibly difficult to wrap my head around the idea that I’ll be attending NACA South … Continued

Lane Shuler: Travel Tips for Conference Season

Hello! Lane Shuler of the slam poetry duo I.N.K. here. Conference travel season is upon us.  There’s a good chance that you, or someone you work alongside will be traveling across the country to see some amazing acts at an APCA or NACA conference. But, it’s also possible that you, or students that will be traveling with you, may be traveling for the first time. Here are some tips to make your travel as easy … Continued

Fantastic Eats, and Where to Find Them

by Lane Shuler of I.N.K. “Food Is Essential To Life, Therefore Make It Good.” – S. Truett Cathy While more honest words may have never been spoken, we like to live by another quote entirely. “Good food is essential to travel; Therefore, make it life” It’s no secret that we are obsessed with food. So obsessed in fact, we made a poem about it! So when we hit the road for our college tours, the … Continued

College Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Neon Entertainment understands the importance of having a diverse and inclusive roster of talent, including speakers dedicated to creating inclusive and supportive communities. Our speakers discuss important topics including discrimination of race, gender, sexual orientation, and many other related discussions. We seek to promote the individual right of self-identification and expression and to encourage conversations that welcome perspectives from a diverse group of individuals. Due to our artist’s diverse backgrounds and experiences, it allows for the exchange of … Continued

5 Tips To Prepare For Conference Showcases

Showcases can often be the best part of a NACA or APCA conference. Artists get to show off their talents, and it offers student activities boards an opportunity to see potential acts live and in person. Here are 5 tips to get ready for all the amazing showcasing acts this year. Watch the acts ahead of time: Did you know that you can see who is showcasing at the upcoming NACA and APCA conferences that … Continued

3 Reasons to Bring a Spoken Word Artist to Campus

As trends go, spoken word poetry has had a giant surge in 2018. More and more people are interested in the raw emotion of poetry and slam poets to understand the trials and tribulations of everyday life. According to studybreaks.com, poetry, but more specifically slam poetry is seen as an agent of change, making it extremely popular in the college-age demographic. Neon Entertainment has a large selection of spoken word artist that are readily available … Continued

A Busy Start to the Year for G Yamazawa

By Steven Gothan G Yamazawa is a spoken word and hip hop artist a part of Neon Entertainments roster. G has been busy the last few months with releasing new music and traveling the world. Within the last month he has created two music videos and was a feature on DJ Luke Nasty’s new album Cruise Control.   G traveled to Seoul and while there he created the video Crush On You Freestyle. This song … Continued

Hot Mic Artist Trending Report Vol. 64

Neon Entertainment is here to provide you access to artists that are trending in the entertainment world. Each week we will provide you with five national touring artists that we can book for your next event. Offering services like event preparation and on-site consultation for your larger events, Neon Entertainment has been one of the leading entertainment booking agencies for the past 23 years. If you need to hire a comedian or need a musician … Continued

Hot Mic Artist Trending Report Vol. 63

With summer on the horizon and the first day of spring passing, there is much anticipation for summer and the new music that comes with it. That is why here at Neon-Entertainment we are providing you with three artists to look forward to this summer. Offering services like event preparation and on-site consultation for your larger events, Neon Entertainment has been one of the leading entertainment booking agencies for the past 23 years. If you … Continued

Poet Elizabeth Acevedo’s Novel Releases This March

Spoken Word Artist, Elizabeth Acevedo, is receiving a wealth of praise for her new Young Adult (YA) book, The Poet X. The book follows, Xiomara, a 15 year-old Afro-Dominican teen preparing to make her Catholic Confirmation who turns to writing as a way to cope with her wavering faith, and family discord. Author, Elizabeth, is well known for her award-winning slam poetry. As a college poet, she travels around United States and has performed at over 100 colleges … Continued