5 Tips To Prepare For Conference Showcases

5 Tips To Prepare For Conference Showcases

Showcases can often be the best part of a NACA or APCA conference. Artists get to show off their talents, and it offers student activities boards an opportunity to see potential acts live and in person. Here are 5 tips to get ready for all the amazing showcasing acts this year.

Watch the acts ahead of time:

Did you know that you can see who is showcasing at the upcoming NACA and APCA conferences that you are attending? In fact, showcasing acts are posted right now for each conference! This is a great way to prepare yourselves as well as the members of your organization and executive board on the NACA and APCA showcasing acts you will see on site! This is also a great way to check out the alternates who came so close to showcasing!

Pre-approval from your executive board and organization:

Share who is showcasing at NACA or APCA at your next member meeting. Ask who they would like to see on your campus. You may be surprised by the outcome! Take a look at actual artists showcasing and get to know who they are represented by, check out their social media accounts, YouTube and even their bio! Create a list of acts you’re interested in booking before you head to the conference.

Click here to see who’s showcasing from Neon this year.

Check out the Artist Rider Requirements:

Take it a step further and check the artist’s rider requirements ahead of time. Some questions that you may need to know are; what are their stage dimensions, what do they require for sound, etc. Ask your adviser or building director to show you the rooms used for performances and get to know the outlets, lighting, sound and seating arrangements. Find out how to request chairs and tables. All of these details will help you understand the tech needs as well as have a successful show!

Prepare Your Programming Calendar:

Look over your programming calendar and take note of what your programming needs are. For example; are you looking for musicians to fill your coffee house every month? Maybe a hypnotist for your finals week? Or maybe you would like to book a spoken word artist for Black History Month? Also, keep an open mind and be flexible so that you can join blocks and save money!
Take a look at the conference schedule – The days get away from you at NACA and APCA! Make sure you are planning to meet with your group after showcases to chat about who you’d like to book and have a game plan before market place and block booking. Remind your board to take notes on the acts as they showcase as well.

Go over showcase etiquette:

Remember, artists are giving it their all to be at NACA or APCA and performing so make sure you return the favor. Do not leave the venue early, artists and agencies are paying for this opportunity and your school has paid for you to be there. Plus, you may miss something awesome! Do not use your phone, and try to keep the chatter down. Keep an open mind and let loose and enjoy the show! You may not necessarily enjoy every act but, maybe you could see others back on campus loving it. Cheer for the acts to show appreciation!

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