Where to Eat in Denver? | NACA Live 2020

Where to Eat in Denver? | NACA Live 2020

by: I.N.K.’s Lane Shuler

The time has come, NACA Live 2020 is nearly here! What would traveling to a new city be without trying out some new restaurant? Sad. That’s what. Here is my list of the must-eat restaurants in Denver Colorado. As always, check with your advisor to ensure you are clear to go, and NEVER miss a showcase to have a meal on your own or anything else off-site!

Sam’s No. 3.

This classic diner was featured on Food Network’s Diners Drive ins and Dives and is famous in Denver for its Kickin Green Pork Chili served on all of their dishes.  It’s a 6 minute walk from the convention center, so you may need to hit this place up more than once.

Illegal Pete’s

Travel Channel’s Food Paradise visited this joint for their Burrito Paradise episode, and to say it’s legendary is an understatement. So legendary, it could even be..illegal!

It’s a short walk from the convention center on the 16th street mall, and has prices that are college student friendly. Grab their smothered burrito and hold on for dear life. Vegetarian friendly options availalbe.

Biju’s Little Curry Shop

Like a lot of large cities, international food can be found in friendly Denver.  A short Uber Ride will land you at a Food Network featured spot called Biju’s Little Curry Shop.

Don’t miss the Xtra Hot Vindaloo Chicken or the apricot Samosas.

Biker Jim’s Dogs

Feeling a little less adventurous than spice Chicken Vindaloo? Too bad, Biker Jim’s is serving up a plethora of absurd exotic meats.  Rattlesnake & Pheasant Sausage? You got it. Ostrich Dog? Coming right up. Boar Brat? No problem. Combine those sausages with wild toppings like sriracha lime mayo, Upslope Craft Lager Mustard, or Harissa roasted cactus, and it’s no wonder why it was visited by the late Anthony Bourdain and called the “Best Thing I Ever Ate” by Food Network. Located a short Uber Ride or 20 minute walk from the Convention Center.

That’s our list. What are your favorite Denver food spots? Email us at inkspokenword@gmail.com and follow us on instagram @inkspokenword for all of our travels


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